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The Bolzoni Auramo Group designs application-specific attachments for forklifts, offering the widest product range in the market. From push-pull and carton clamps to general handling and OEM products to paper & pulp handling attachments, we’re sure we can help you locate and price out the right attachments for your application. Contact us today!

The Bolzoni Auramo Group was created when Bolzoni acquired both Brudi and Auramo, merging the three different attachments manufacturing specialties into one cohesive operation. The group is the second largest lift truck attachment manufacturer worldwide.

Attachments Available from Bolzoni Auramo:

  • Sideshifters
  • Fork Positioners
  • Clamps
  • Multi-Pallet Handlers
  • Rotators
  • Carbon Clamps
  • Brudi Push Pulls
  • Paper Roll Clamps
  • Contact Pads
  • Pulp & Waste Paper Bale Clamps
  • And More!