Your Forklift Solutions Provider

The forklift industry has seen many changes over the recent years. Whether it is the new California Air Resources Board proposed rules that regulate LP forklifts, the advent of highly efficient lithium batteries, the progressing use of hydrogen fuel cells, or even the use of fully automated machines, there is a lot to keep track of and to be excited about! Holt is here to help you with any questions or needs you may have. Curious about what we can do to help your business? Below are just a few of our areas of expertise!

Tired of having to manage and purchase forklifts? Come talk to us about Holt Fleet Services, where we manage acquisition, maintenance, utilization, and even safety requirements of your forklift fleet for you! It takes you out of the forklift business and allows you to manage the business you actually serve.

Interested in converting from diesel or LP to electric? We have decades of experience in helping customers convert over to electric, saving thousands of dollars in fuel cost and transitioning to a greener operation! With the proposed CARB rules coming down the pipe, the transition makes more sense than ever to do right now.

Want to replace acid batteries in your electric forklifts with lithium batteries? We can do that! We are the lithium battery experts and we keep them in stock! Ask us about a demo and see how it can make running electric forklifts so much easier.

We are here to help with any and all questions or needs, no matter how big or small. Think of us here at Holt as your partner/consultant for the forklift industry and call us any time!