Bluff Manufacturing Equipment

At Holt Lift, you’ll find a wide range of manufacturing equipment from the trusted suppliers at Bluff Manufacturing. The company creates a wide range of rugged products for material handling, dock movement, structures, safety and storage. Bluff is also known for high-quality warehouse dock equipment and a commitment to safety, with many products that meet or exceed American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

Bluff Dock Equipment in California

Bluff Manufacturing produces many different types of warehouse loading dock equipment. At Holt Lift, we carry:

  • Dock plates. Bluff Manufacturing dock plates are steel or aluminum rectangles with a locking leg. Bluff’s aluminum and steel dock plates are lightweight and cost-effective, but they’re only suitable for light traffic such as hand trucks and pallet jacks.
  • Dock boards. If you need Bluff Manufacturing dock boards for more powerful vehicles such as forklifts, a dock board is the better choice. They have added structural components to support larger equipment.
  • Wheel risers, truck risers and levelers. These components can lift the back wheels of a truck, the truck bed or the edge of the dock itself, respectively.
  • Yard ramps. Bluff Manufacturing yard ramps connect the dock to the ground to move equipment and vehicles. These ramps can be portable or stationary and range in capacity depending on the types of vehicles and materials you’ll use them with.

Other Products

Outside of Bluff loading dock equipment, this manufacturer creates a range of other useful products:

  • Mezzanines and stairways: Mezzanines offer a great way to increase your floor space and add storage capacity. At Holt Lift, we can also supply the stairways, rail systems, maintenance platforms and other components for working with these heavy-duty mezzanines.
  • Safety products: Bluff creates a wide range of warehouse dock safety equipment and other safety products such as rails, protective barriers, machine guards, forklift safety cages and bollards.
  • Storage and materials handling: When it comes to moving large or oddly shaped items, you may need various specialized tools, such as cantilever racks, keg flow racks and sheet rock dollies. We also have more generalized items, such as order pickers, safety cages and packing box storage racks.

Repairs and Service

In addition to new Bluff dock equipment and other items, we also carry Bluff Manufacturing parts and offer service for these products. Whether you want to repair your equipment in house or schedule one of our skilled technician at Holt Lift to repair your equipment, we have you covered with parts and service for Bluff dock equipment and other tools.

Your Trusted Source for Bluff Manufacturing Equipment, Parts and Service

Between Bluff Manufacturing’s expansive line of equipment and Holt Lift’s skilled and experienced team, you can expect exceptional support for a high-quality product. Holt Lift has been in business for over 80 years, providing trusted services to clients throughout California. We can help with every step of the purchase process, from determining your needs to setting up flexible financing options and conducting repairs in the coming years.

Check out our full line of Bluff Manufacturing products and warehouse dock equipment today. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, reach out to an expert.