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Cat EC22N2-EC30LN2

The Cat EC22N2-EC30LN2 series of electric cushion tire lift trucks features exceptional comfort, durable construction and industry-leading customer service. Designed to deliver high performance while being extremely efficient, this series maximizes power while using less energy. Its rock-solid frame ensures added stability, while the low maintenance components help maximize uptime.


  • Seat-side hydraulic levers give the operator added comfort and ease in controlling the lift functions
    Presence Detection System (PDS) helps protect lift truck operators and loads by disengaging transmission and hydraulic functions when the operator leaves the normal seated position or the parking brake is not set
  • LED front work lights burn brighter and last longer than conventional lights
  • Improved visibility in all directions due to mast, overhead guard and counterweight design
  • Fully hydrostatic power steering provides exceptionally lower steering effort than conventional steering systems
  • Designed to maximize operator comfort and minimize fatigue:
    • Full-suspension 3-way adjustable vinyl seat helps reduce shock and vibration
    • Adjustable steering column with LCD display panel
    • Efficient regenerative braking charges the battery when utilized
    • Anti-cinch seat belt permits the operator to turn easily when travelling in reverse


  • Alternating Current (AC) lift truck design optimizes productivity and energy efficiency
  • Fingertip directional control lever makes changing directions effortless
  • Regenerative braking helps reduce brake wear and heat buildup, extending the life time of the brake pads while preserving energy
  • Visibility to the forks, load and surrounding area is optimized with a wide view between the mast channels
  • Easy-to-remove access panels provide quick access to the forklift's hydraulic and steer motors and the AC control components

Available Options

  • Hook-type side shifter - enables the forklift operator to better position a load without repositioning the lift truck
  • Higher or lower height overhead guard accommodates taller operators, low clearances or special storage racking
  • DC/DC electrical converter allows the use of additional accessories such as scanners and onboard computers
  • Foot directional control allows for hands-free directional control of the forklift
  • Rear grab handle with horn button creates a secure grip and allows easy access to the horn when traveling in reverse
  • Cloth covered seat offers greater durability in applications that require the operator to frequently get on and off the forklift
  • Light and strobe packages


EC22N2 36VEC22N2 48VEC25N2 36VEC25N2 48VEC25EN2 36VEC25EN2 48V
Capacity lb. 4500  5000   
Max. Travel Speed* mph 10.8 11.3 10.8 11.3 10.8 11.3
Turning Radius in. 73.2    77.3 
Right Angle Stack* in. 88.7    92.8 
Lift Speed* fpm 106 128 106 128 106 128
Lower Speed* fpm 98     
Length in. 82    85.9 
Width in. 41.5     
Height in. 87     
Weight in. 8805  9140  9350 



EC25LN2 36VEC25LN2 48VEC30N2 36VEC30N2 48VEC30LN2 36VEC30LN2 48V
Capacity lb. 5500  6000   6500 
Max. Travel Speed* mph 10.6 11.3 10.6 11.3 10.8 11.3
Turning Radius in. 77.3   78.8  79.5 
Right Angle Stack* in. 94.8   96.5  
Lift Speed* fpm 106 128 96 116 93 116
Lower Speed* fpm 98   89   
Length in. 85.9  88.8   
Width in. 43.5     
Height in. 87     
Weight in. 9680  10,635  11,090 

 * without load