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Cat GC40KPRHSTR - GC70KPRHSTR Paper Handling

The dedicated Paper Handling Chassis equips the GC40K-GC70K Series with components that optimize the hydraulic and cooling capabilities of the truck for use with paper roll clamps. A variety of option packages are available to improve your productivity by helping reduce the risk of paper product damage, increasing operator comfort and optimizing the performance of your paper clamp truck.


  • The dedicated paper handling chassis optimizes the hydraulic and cooling systems for use with paper roll clamps
  • STR (short turning radius) models have extra-heavy, lead-filled counterweights allowing for greater maneuverability and rearward visibility in confined areas
  • Extended service intervals up to 500 hours helps save money, while helping to reduce downtime

Available Options

  • Swing down LP tank bracket - helps significantly reduce the effort it takes for an operator to change an LP tank
  • Operator comfort package
    • Full-suspension swivel seat helps reduce back strain when driving in reverse
    • An ergonomic, adjustable armrest mounted to the right side of the seat
    • Rear handle with horn button - better operator support when driving in reverse
  • Foot directional control pedal with smart shift - allows directional changes without a hand activated directional lever
    • Smart shift - helps minimize damage to the driveline components by eliminating high speed directional changes
  • Light and strobe packages for your specific application 
    • A transmission interlock system helps protect operators and loads by disengaging the drive function when the operator leaves the normal seated position
    • LED front work lights and rear combination lights burn brighter and last longer than conventional lights
    • Improved visibility in all directions due to overhead guard, mast and counterweight design
    • Designed to maximize operator comfort and minimize fatigue:
      • Full-suspension vinyl seat is adjustable for lumbar support
      • Generous floor area with through-the-floor pedal design, which helps promote natural motion
      • Ergonomic hydraulic control levers are conveniently placed for easy access
  • Product protection package
    • 4-position pressure regulator - easily change clamping force for a variety of media types to avoid crushing paper rolls
    • Mast leveling system - stops the mast in a vertical position so paper rolls may be set down flat
    • Drop stop valve - helps prevent paper tears resulting from a sudden drop of the clamp during load release
    • High density rubber fenders - deflect upon impact with a paper roll instead of knifing deep into the layers
  • Non-marking tires


Capacity lb. 8,000 10,000 12,000 15,500
Top Speed mph 12.1

14.3 14.0
Max. Fork Height in. 198.8 179.5 198.8
Right Angle Stack in. 100.0 110.6 111.4 122 118.1
Lift Speed fpm 112 83 77
Lower Speed fpm 98 91 81 77
Length in. 94.9 103.1 104.5 116.1 107.5
Width in. 46.5 52.0 56.7
Height in. 86.8 88.8
Weight lb. 12,470 14,265 16,645 20,900 21,870