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Cat GP40N1/DP40N1 - GP55N1/DP55N1

Designed to work in the most challenging applications, the GP40N1-GP55N1/DP40N1-DP55N1 series of lift trucks helps improve the efficiency of your business while continuing to protect the operator, equipment and the environment. The DP40N1-DP55N1 diesel models, equipped with a Tier 4 Final engine, thrive in lumber, cement, pipe and other heavy-duty applications where their strength can effectively be put to the test.


  • Presence Detection System (PDS) helps protect operators and loads by disengaging the transmission and hydraulic functions when the operator leaves the normal seated position or the parking brake is not set
  • LED front work lights and rear combination lights burn brighter and last longer than conventional lights
  • Fully hydrostatic power steering provides exceptionally lower steering effort than conventional steering systems
  • Informative LED/LCD display panel is mounted to the steering column and keeps operators informed
  • Designed to maximize operator comfort and minimize fatigue:
    • Full-suspension vinyl seat resists shock and vibration
    • Generous floor area with through-the-floor pedal design, which helps promote natural motion
    • Ergonomic controls are conveniently placed for easy access


  • Perkins® 854F Tier 4 Final diesel engines offer a 21.6% increase in fuel efficiency - benefitting your business' bottom line
  • LP and gas model also benefit from the EPA-compliant purePOWER® engines that exceed emissions regulations
  • Ground speed control allows you to limit the travel speed without affecting performance
  • Engine Protection System automatically reduces engine RPMs if engine coolant temperature gets too high
  • Elevated air intake draws in cleaner air, limiting contaminants
  • The engine cover opens widely and allows for easy service access, not requiring tools
  • Extended service intervals up to 500 hours helps save money, while helping to reduce downtime

Available Options

  • Wet disc brakes - ideal for dust/fiber and heavy braking applications
  • Engine shut down system - failsafe if vital engine parameters are exceeded
  • Solid tires and/or dual drive tires
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fingertip hydraulic controls - offer precise control with near effortless motion
  • Integral side shifter - enables the operator to better position a load without repositioning the truck
  • Seat and seatbelt ignition interlock - engine will not run unless the operator is in the seat with the seat belt fastened
  • Closed operator cab - provides operator protection against the elements


GP40N1 DP40N1 GP45N1 DP45N1 GP50CN1 DP50CN1 GP50N1 DP50N1 GP55N1 DP55N1
Capacity lb. 8,000 9,000 10,000 11,000 12,000
Max. Travel Speed mph 14 13.5 14 13.5 14 13.5
Engine hp/rpm 97/2450 77/2300 97/2450 77/2300 97/2450 77/2300 97/2450 77/2300 97/2450 77/2300
Turning Radius in. 172 178 179 186 187
Right Angle Stack* in. 101 107 109 114 116
Lift Speed* fpm 110 112 90 92 90 92 90 93
Lower Speed* fpm 75 59 67
Length in. 118 123 125 132.5 132
Width in. 55.5 57.5
Height in. 90.5
Weight lb. 12,900 13,050 13,800 13,950 14,950 15,100 15,950 16,100 16,700 16,843

* without load