IC Cushion GC70K STR

Cat Lift Trucks IC Cushion GC70K STR

Cat Lift Trucks
IC Cushion GC70K STR

  • Model GC70K STR
  • Max Lift Capacity 15500
  • Max Lift Height 233
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Powered by a rugged PSI 4X 4.3 liter V6 EPA compliant engine, the Cat® GC35K-GC70K series of cushion tire lift trucks, with capacities ranging from 7,000-15,500 lbs., is built to perform multiple jobs in a variety of applications. From off-loading trailers to moving goods in and out of racking, these highly-configurable and flexible lift trucks offer the robust performance and reliability your business demands, while featuring practical options and attachments to enhance this truck’s agility.


PSI 4X 4.3 Liter V6 Engine  This high-performance engine provides excellent horsepower and torque in tough environments, while delivering low noise and vibration. The engine is also equipped with hardened valve seats for durability and meets the EPA’s strict emissions standards.

Powershift Transmission – The torque converter of the transmission is precisely matched to the engine to provide high levels of torque and a smooth ride.

Short Turn Radius – Short turn radius (STR) models have extra-heavy, lead-filled counterweights allowing for greater maneuverability and rearward visibility in confined areas.

LCD/LED Display – The standard premium display provides the operator with easy access to monitor all critical systems during truck operation. Good monitoring practices help reduce costs and the risk of excessive downtime.


Engine Protection System – This system monitors critical components, like transmission fluid, coolant temperatures and engine oil pressure, and alerts operators if critical levels are reached.

Steel Frame – The lift truck features a reinforced steel frame for added strength


Easy-To Access Engine – The rear-hinged engine cover makes accessing the engine and critical components easy -  with no tools required.

Extended 300-Hour Service Intervals – Manage truck maintenance more infrequently with extended service intervals.


Operator Presence Detection System (PDS) – This system helps raise awareness by alerting operators when seatbelts aren't properly fastened during use or when they leave the seated position without securing the parking brake.

Forward LED Worklights – LED worklights come standard on this forklift and burn brighter and longer for improved visibility during operation. These lights are also covered under the forklift's standard warranty.

Orange Anti-Cinch Seat Belt – a standard feature, these seatbelts make it easier to detect when operators are properly wearing their seat belt during the workday.

Operator Comfort

Standard Full-Suspension Vinyl Grammer® Seat This seat helps reduce shock and vibration while optimizing comfort and productivity via 4-way adjustments, lumbar support, weight suspension and forward/backward adjustments.

Less Noise, Less Vibration
– Increases overall efficiency with new design features dedicated to reducing noise and vibration.

Fully-Hydrostatic Steering System – Decreases steering effort and increases maneuvering options for the forklift operator.


Added Flexibility – Offers a wide array of a la carte options to increase flexibility in customizing a standard chassis to fit your exact application needs.

Options / Packages – Specialized paper roll handling option, reverse drive package and other industry-specific option packages like the short turning radius chassis are available on this forklift to maximize value and reduce the need for field modifications.

Application Type Indoor/Outdoor
Min Lift Capacity 0
Max Lift Capacity 15500
Max Lift Height 233
Min Lift Height 0
Power Type GasLP
Primary Function LoadingUnloading