Electric Cushion EC18LN

Cat Lift Trucks Electric Cushion EC18LN

Cat Lift Trucks
Electric Cushion EC18LN

  • Model EC18LN
  • Max Lift Capacity Up to 4000
  • Max Lift Height 217
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Combining the latest in operator ergonomics and advanced AC technology, the Cat® EC15N-EC18LN electric cushion tire lift truck series gives your operators the tools they need to drive your business forward.


Work longer with up to two shifts on one battery charge without sacrificing performance, thanks to Cat Lift Trucks 3-phase AC technology and regenerative braking.

  • Advanced drive system – no brushes or commutator
  • AC hydraulic system
  • Enhanced electric power steering


Together, convenient service intervals and sealed components add up to greater uptime – to keep your business moving.

Battery Compartment Design
For extra protection and reduced noise, the unique battery compartment design features strategic spacers and an additional edge cover.

Protected Wiring
Routed inside of the legs of the overhead guard for extra protection.


Easy access to core components:

  • AC drive motor
  • Hydraulic motor and controllers
  • No tools required to remove floorboard

500-hour convenient service intervals
Less time doing maintenance equates to more time on the floor moving product.

Motor Protection System
Display-based indicators notify the operators when motor maintenance is required, resulting in greater uptime while helping to reduce the risk of more costly maintenance needs down the line.


This integrated, computer-based feedback system uses both audible and visual indicators to alert the operator to potentially hazardous situations, while increasing operator awareness.

When the operator is not in the normal operating position, the Presence Detection System electronically discontinues powered-travel movement and load-handling functions.

When an operator is in the normal operating position, but the seat belt is not buckled, an audible warning will sound and a visible indicator will appear, alerting the operator.


Full Hydrostatic Power Steering – Fully hydrostatic power steering provides exceptionally lower steering effort than conventional steering systems.

Standard Full-Suspension Vinyl Grammer® SeatThis seat helps reduce shock and vibration while optimizing comfort and productivity via 4-way adjustments, lumbar support, weight suspension and forward/backward adjustments.

Floorboard And Pedals – Generous floor area with through-the-floor pedal design, which helps promote natural motion during operation. 

More Efficiency, Less Maintenance

The Lithium-ion battery package provides the highest performance battery solution.

  • High performance batteries that are synchronized with the lift truck and charger for optimal energy efficiency
  • No maintenance requirements and a longer service life mean each truck offers more daily use, increased throughput and reliable 24/7 output
  • No more battery change outs, watering and degassing areas
  • Maximize truck productivity through opportunity charging that can be interrupted anytime
  • 5-year battery warranty included
Application Type Indoor
Min Lift Capacity 0
Max Lift Capacity 4000
Max Lift Height 217
Min Lift Height 0
Power Type Electric
Primary Function Put Away/Retrieval