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Clark’s CST series of walkie counterbalanced stacker pallet jacks is powered by a 24-volt electric, high-torque drive motor. This drive motor is series wound and fan cooled, and has Class H insulation to protect it from heat damage. The heavy-duty motor contactors have replaceable tips. This stacker’s ergonomic design includes dual forward and reverse travel controls for thumb operation. A reversing switch at the end of the operator’s handle is spring-loaded and designed to override directional control, automatically reversing the truck on contact.


  • Transistor Control
  • Wet Disc Brakes
  • Sideshifter Available
  • Various Options are Available
  • 24-volt
  • Key Switch
  • Emergency Power Disconnect Button
  • Fused Drive and Control Circuits


Light to Heavy Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution

Specifications CST 10 CST 15 CST 20
Load Capacity 2,200 lbs 3,000 lbs 4,000 lbs
Height 83" 83" 83"
Width 38" 38" 38"
Turning Radius 58" 58" 62.5"
Travel Speed Loaded/Unloaded 2/3 MPH 1.7/3 MPH  1.6/2.6 MPH 
Power Unit 24V 24V 24V