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Clark is a leading equipment manufacturer whose products are available at Holt of California. We have the best selection of Clark forklift trucks near you, so browse our inventory and contact us today to learn more about purchasing one of these quality machines.

Clark Forklift Trucks for Sale in CA

We have many Clark forklifts available, including:

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are powered by an electrical charge rather than an internal combustion engine like other models. This system makes them ideal for indoor use and offers a green alternative for those who are dedicated to eco-friendly operations.

The electric forklifts by Clark can lift loads up to 6,000 pounds with travel speeds up to 10 miles an hour. With specs like these, you can work at a quicker pace to accomplish more in your workday. 

IC Cushion Forklifts

IC cushion forklifts operate from an internal combustion engine. The power behind this machine means that it can lift even the heaviest of loads. Cushion tires are manufactured from smooth, solid rubber that is fitted around a metal band, so they are virtually maintenance-free.

Clark IC cushion forklifts work well in indoor locations like warehouses and have a heavy-duty build that will last a long time.

IC Pneumatic Forklifts

Pneumatic tires are similar to the tires you'd find on a regular vehicle, but they offer a sturdy grip that can handle tough terrain. They are wide-set and ride smoothly over any surface.

The IC pneumatic forklifts from Clark are ideal for rugged outdoor uses or at an indoor and outdoor job site. With weight limits of several thousand pounds, they'll handle any job you throw at them.

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Narrow aisle forklifts offer the power of a standard forklift in a smaller footprint. These machines can work in even a small workspace because the forks turn 180 degrees. This forklift design is ideal for warehouses that are packed with parts.

Our narrow aisle forklifts manufactured by Clark will allow you to unload the trailer, drive the pallet down the aisle and place it on the rack — all with one vehicle. They're easy to maneuver, which is necessary for the small workspace, and energy-efficient enough for you to keep going until the job is done.

Walkie Pallet Stacker

A walkie pallet stacker is named so because the operator stands on a platform with the load carried behind them. These pallet stackers by Clark move easily through warehouses to move pallets or pick orders and are powered by an electrical charge.

Features of Clark Forklifts

Across every style, our Clark forklifts for sale offer valuable capabilities:

  • Operate at fast speeds
  • Are energy-efficient
  • Are affordable to operate
  • Maneuver through tight spaces
  • Can handle indoor and outdoor environments

Why Choose Holt of California for Your Clark Forklift Dealer?

Holt of California has provided clients with stellar industrial equipment and related services for over 80 years. Our knowledgeable staff will talk with you about your needs and pair you with the best vehicle for your operation. We want to ensure that your machine will efficiently perform its job every time.

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Holt of California has a wide selection of Clark forklift trucks for sale. Browse through our offerings and contact us to learn more about the options that you need in your fleet.

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