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GEX 40/45/50


Clark's 80-volt GEX 40/45/50 electric pneumatic tire lift trucks are designed to go between indoor and outdoor environments.

In the past, one truck would be used for outdoor applications and another truck would be used for indoor warehousing. Now one GEX can handle both environments, leaving you with the thought... two "hands" aren't always better than one.

Solid pneumatic tires for indoor/outdoor operation

Enclosed motors

Wet disc brakes

100% AC motors

Heavy duty drive motors & axles

Rugged upright & carriage

Programmable dash display

Load Capacity/Rated Loade @ 24" LC
Height Overhead Guard
90.9 in.
55/58.7/58.7 in.
Right Angle Stack (add load length & clearance)
127.7/127.7/128.7 in.
Outside Turning Radius
105.3/105.3/106.3 in.
Travel Speed, loaded/unloaded
12.4/13 / 11.8/12.4 / 11.8/12.4 mph
Power Unit
80 V

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