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Piggyback D45

Load Capacity: 4,500 - 5,500 lbs.

The Princeton Piggyback D45 mounted forklift has a rugged frame and heavy duty components, making it a dependable and solid machine. This mounted lift truck is known for exceptional stability, power, maneuverability and ease of operation. The D45 mounted forklift is also available with the optional Singe-side Off-load operation (SOLO) feature. This feature allows the operator to unload the entire truck or trailer from just one side – even at the axles. This eliminates the need to reposition the transport vehicle or operate the mounted lift truck in undesirable conditions.

With 2-wheel drive, the D45 mounted forklift responds, instantly and can quickly turn its own length, permitting you to deliver rated loads precisely where the customer wants them. This lift truck mounds quickly and easily behind almost any flatbed truck or trailer. With hydrostatic wheel motors and you choice of tires, the D45 mounted forklift provides sufficient power and traction for most delivery conditions. A hydrostatic drive system assures quick and surefooted control even under adverse conditions.


  • General Building Materials
  • Sod