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Piggyback E50S

Load Capacity: 5,000 lb

With the Princeton PiggyBack E50S forklift, you can deliver to sites that were previously inaccessible with other delivery methods. Princeton's unique PiggyBack "4-Way" model is ideal for delivering extra long loads, especially to those highly congested or obstructed areas common to construction many job sites.

PiggyBack® Advantages

The PiggyBack "E50S" is literally two machines-in-one. In "Standard" mode, the unit operates with all wheels inline like other Piggy Back forklift models. But, the unique PiggyBack "E50S" can be shifted quickly into the "Side Direction" mode. In this mode, the front and rear wheels pivot 90 degrees, permitting the operator to move the load forward or backward by driving the unit "sideways" in the direction of the load. With its standard 48Hp Kubota diesel engine, three-wheel drive, and large off-road tires...the 5000 lb. capacity "E50S" is capable of operating on the roughest terrain. Hydraulically actuated Load Support Arms are standard equipment on this model. With the push of a lever, they swing down to provide additional support of long loads like engineered I-beams, LVL's and other long lumber materials.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Clear view mast
  • Overhead guard
  • Scissors reach system
  • EZ hitch system
  • Easy-mount system
  • 3 wheel drive & 4 way steer
  • Tires
  • Powder coating
  • Anti-stall hydraulic control
  • ANSI specifications
  • Machine management system