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A forklift is a powerful machine that has uses in many job applications. If you're interested in a new electric forklift for sale, shop the selection at Holt of California. We have many options by Caterpillar® and other allied brands. Browse the options on our website and contact us to learn more.

Our New Electric Forklifts for Sale

Electric forklifts are versatile industrial vehicles to have on your fleet. One of these machines can easily pick up and move materials around the job site using its sturdy forks, simplifying site organization and minimizing the risk to human workers. They are useful for heavy and bulky loads, as they can lift thousands of pounds at once and move them a considerable distance in various environments.

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Our electric forklifts for sale include:

  • Counterbalance forklift
  • Side loader
  • Pallet jack
  • Warehouse forklift
  • Rough terrain forklift
  • Order picker
  • Industrial forklift

An electric forklift is useful at job sites for:

  • Warehouses
  • Construction
  • Outdoor maintenance
  • Dockyards
  • Distribution centers

Benefits of a New Electric Forklift

Though IC engine-powered forklifts used to be the norm, technological advances paved the way for electric forklifts to become the preferred choice. When you purchase a new electric forklift, you'll enjoy benefits such as:

  • No emissions: Because electric motors have no exhaust, they produce no emissions and create a cleaner environment for workers, especially indoors. Electric forklifts are also an eco-friendly alternative for businesses that value green initiatives.
  • No sound: Electric forklifts are virtually noise-free during operation, which protects workers' hearing and keeps the workplace safe overall.
  • Versatile applications: Electric forklifts have the same torque as IC forklifts, so they can be used for lightweight and heavy-lifting jobs alike. Plus, they handle well indoors or outdoors.
  • Cost savings: Over time, electric forklifts are more cost-effective because they use no fuel, require less maintenance, and generally have fewer hours lost for breakdowns and upkeep.

Why Purchase an Electric Forklift From Holt of California?

For over 80 years, Holt of California has worked in the heavy-duty equipment industry. Our mission is to offer only the best quality products to our customers. We are the official Cat® dealer for the north-central California region. Holt of California is proud to stand behind the reputation of the durable, rugged and long-lasting machines by Caterpillar. We also sell equipment from other industry-leading allied brands.

Holt of California is your complete forklift solution, from purchasing your machine to maintenance and repairs. When you are looking at our new electric forklifts for sale near you, ask us about our online parts store and premium maintenance plans!

Buy Your Electric Forklift at Holt of California Today

Find an electric forklift for sale near you at Holt of California. We have the best selection at competitive prices, as well as the parts and services plans to maintain every machine we sell. Look at the specs for our electric forklifts and read more about the individual models to pick the one that works for you.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our electric forklift selection, contact us by filling out the form on our website today.