Loron Forklift Attachments in California

LORON, Inc. has provided quality forklift attachments since 1990 when a small group of experienced designers and technicians formed a new company, dedicated to manufacturing the best push pulls in the industry. Success of these push pulls has led to an expanded product line and continued growth over the years. With changing economic conditions, the ability to handle products and goods efficiently and economically is of ever increasing importance.

LORON is dedicated to providing the equipment necessary to keep material handling costs low and strives to deliver the best attachments available on the market today. Current products include a wide range of dedicated and fork-mounted push pulls, sheet retaining push pulls and load pushers. Loron’s complete line of clamps, fork positioners, rotators and load stabilizers are complemented by specialized, custom-designed equipment to provide attachments suitable for a wide range of applications. A single double pallet handler has proven to be popular in both warehouse and agricultural environments.

Available Attachments from LORON:

  • Push Pulls
  • Push Polls/Pushers
  • Pushers
  • Carton Clamps
  • Fork Clamps
  • Bar Arm Clamps
  • Bale Clamps
  • General Purpose Clamps
  • Forward Dump Drum Clamp
  • Single Double Pallet Handlers
  • Load Stabilizers
  • Push Bin Loaders
  • Load Inverter
  • Rotators
  • Side Shifters
  • Load Backrests
  • Fork Positioners
  • Slip-on Arms
  • Hydraulic Accessories
Cat Handling Equipment picking up steel pipes in yard

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