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If you are looking for hand pallet trucks for sale, come to the experts at Holt of California. We have the best selection in the north-central California area, so we are sure to have what you need for your job. Browse our selection on our website and contact us to learn more.

Our Heavy Duty Hand Pallet Trucks

Also called a pallet jack, pallet pump or pump truck, a hand pallet truck is a simplified forklift that manually lifts and moves pallets of up to a few thousand pounds in weight. This machine is a handy addition to your fleet if you often need to move pallets around in tight spaces and across short distances.

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Features of our commercial hand pallet trucks include:

  • Two forks, which slide under the pallet
  • Front wheels that are mounted inside the forks
  • A pump handle that raises, lowers and moves the pallet for transportation
  • An actuating lever to release the load

By grabbing the handle, you can push the load to its next destination with ease after you've lifted it to a safe height. Holt of California has a variety of manual pallet trucks for sale, which use a pump-operated hydraulic system to pump up the pallet.

Benefits and Applications of a Manual Pallet Lift Truck

Pallet jacks, in some applications, are the better choice over a forklift because they:

  • Require less, if any, maintenance
  • Have a small amount of downtime for repairs, saving time and increasing productivity
  • Need only basic training (no license) to operate, so anyone can use them
  • Have a lower purchase price, providing maximum benefit to your budget

For environments that aren't practical for a forklift yet need equipment to move pallets around, a hand pallet truck is a perfect solution. Hand pallet trucks are useful in workplaces that have a lot of pallets on hand, such as:

  • Stockrooms
  • Warehouses
  • Shipping centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Storage facilities

Why Purchase a Manual Pallet Truck at Holt of California?

Holt of California has been the choice partner in industrial equipment for over 80 years. We sell only the best products to our customers, so you can trust that you are getting quality equipment for your fleet. Though we are the official Cat® dealer for the region, we also offer equipment from allied brands like Clark, Linde, Mitsubishi and others.

To keep your manual pallet truck in its best condition, we have an online parts store with thousands of products. If you ever need a repair or service on your pallet truck or any machinery from any manufacturer, set up an appointment with our expert technicians.

From products to parts to maintenance, Holt of California is your one-stop source for your industrial equipment needs.

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Holt of California has all the heavy duty hand pallet trucks for sale you need at your job site, all at competitive prices. Look through the many manual hand pallet truck options on our website, and click on the models that interest you to learn more about them. 

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