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Jungheinrich’s ECR series of electric end rider pallet jacks include a 4kW, 24-volt 3-phase AC drive motor to provide superior performance for transport, order picking and dock operations. These pallet trucks were built for heavy use and high loads and provide hour after hour of productive operation.


  • 24 Volt 3-phase AC Technology
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • SpeedControl with Rollback Protection on Ramps
  • Designed and Tested for the Toughest Applications
  • Ergonomic Design and Controls

Operator Comfort & Safety

To ensure operators are comfortable through the work day, Jungheinrich’s ECR series of pallet jacks are available with an optional spring-loaded, cushioned platform. Optional knee pads and a padded tiller arm ensure a stable and comfortable operator stance.

Whenever the drive switch is in neutral, these pallet trucks are automatically stopped via an electro-magnetic brake to ensure safety.  Unintentional rollback on ramps or includes is prevented with the automatic parking brake.


Jungheinrich engineers designed both the AC motor and CAN-Bus system on the ECR series Pallet Jacks for optimum performance and greater reliability even under the most arduous conditions. Excellent energy management and maximum efficiency is ensured by having the motor and controller carefully synchronized. The ECR pallet truck is also designed to hold a 750 Ah battery, which boots operating hours and reduces downtime due to battery charging or changes.

Jungheinrich’s proprietary 3-phase AC motor technology provides for longer run times thanks to lowered energy consumption and highly efficient energy management. Also, powerful acceleration and quick directional changes are possible without hesitation thanks to the AC technology.

The ECR series of pallet jacks feature a state-of-the-art impulse controller, with a real-time travel-speed monitoring system, facilitates safe, smooth travel and provides adjustable drive characteristics for every application. “SpeedControl” provides stepless speed control via a motorcycle-style throttle grip which maintains the requested travel speed in every travel situation, even on upward and downward grades, as well as provides rollback protection on ramps. Travel parameters, including acceleration, speed and motor braking are easily adjustable. As an option, “SpeedControl “can come with three pre-set adjustable travel program. With the handle in the vertical position, a crawl-speed button allows for maneuvering in tight areas.

A solid steel frame is designed from the ground up to handle the harshest applications. Maximum durability is possible thanks to special materials and reinforcements placed in critical points on the frame. These walkie pallet jacks also feature low noise levels during travel.


Jungheinrich designed the ECR series of Pallet jacks to be significantly reliable. Thanks to the AC motor, no carbon brushes, springs and commutators are needed, eliminating replacement costs and reducing overall maintenance needs. A sealed controller with a breathable Goretex membrane is resistant to the harshest of conditions while IP65 certification means these pallet trucks are protected against dust and can withstand inadvertent contact with pressurized water from all sides. The sealed connectors are also water and dust-resistant. Instant diagnostics and feedback are provided to the controller through the CAN-Bus system, which monitors truck parameters in real-time.


  • “CANDis” Information Display Includes Battery Discharge Indicator with Lift Interrupt, Hour-meter and Service Code Display
  • “CANCode” Keypad with PIN Code Access and Selectable Travel Programs
  • Coast Control (Mechanical and Electrical Versions)
  • Jog Button in Handle Head
  • “ProPick” Chassis-mounted, Pedestrian Jog Control
  • Hinged Load Backrest (48 or 60 Inches High)
  • Storage Tray Mounted on Battery or Load Backrest
  • Special Paint Color
  • Drive Wheel and Load Wheel Options
  • Pallet Entry Rollers for Standard Fork Tip
  • Suspended Platform
  • Anti-slip Platform
  • Knee Pads
  • Battery Compartment Rollers for Side Battery Exchange
  • Battery Gate Switches
  • Freezer and Corrosion Packages
  • Accessory Pole with Option to Mount Working Lights, Strobe Light and/or Clipboard
  • Power Hook-up for Onboard Terminal
  • Shrink Wrap Holder
Specifications ECR 327 ECR 336
Load Capacity 6,000 lbs 8,000 lbs
Length to Fork Face 42.3" 42.3"
Width 35.8" 35.8"
Turning Radius 77.7" 97.7"
Travel Speed Loaded/Unloaded 6.8/9.3 MPH 5.9/9.3 MPH
Power Unit 24V 24V