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Jungheinrich EFG 213-220

The Jungheinrich EFG 213-220 series of 3-wheel electric counterbalanced forklifts are designed to improve overall productivity, efficiency, safety, operator comfort and cost of ownership.


  EFG 213 EFG 216k EFG 216 EFG 218k EFG 218 EFG 220
Basic Capacity lb.  2510 3100 3490 3880
Maximum Fork Height²  in. 256 255 255 256 256 256
Voltage   48
Length to Fork Face  in. 69.8 74.3 78.5 74.3 78.5 78.5
Chassis Width  in. 41.7 44.1
Chassis Height¹  in. 79
Gross Weight¹ lb.  5,947 6,520 6,627 7,084 6,957 7,343

¹ Where applicable, does not reflect optional mast collapsed height or additional weight.
² Various lift heights available to match our exact needs. Where applicable, value shown is maximum fork height available as an optional mast.

The EFG 213-220 models feature market leading top speed performance levels, making these forklifts more productive than competitive models. Powered by Jungheinrich’s powerful 4th generation, 3-phase AC technology, the EFG 213-220 3-wheel electric forklifts provides you exceptional energy efficiency. In most applications, these forklifts can work up to 2 shift lengths on a single battery charge, maximizing productivity while lowering operational costs. Electric and hydraulic components were designed close together in these Jungheinrich forklifts to keep “lost energy” to a minimum and to optimize overall efficiency. Truck performance software can be adjusted to meet specific drive and hydraulic performance needs or limits of your operation.

Jungheinrich’s EFG 213-220 electric 3-wheel forklifts include several safety and operator comfort features. Curve control ensures load control by automatically reducing speed when taking corners. Operator awareness and visibility of the warehouse is enhanced with multiple warning and light options while a bright safety orange seat belt reminds operators to strap in, as well as provides easy visual verification from others.

When it comes to operator comfort, the Jungheinrich EFG 213-220 models offer the highest level of operational ease with electronic hydraulic controls. SOLO- or MULTI-PILOT hydraulic controls are also available to match operator operational preferences for maximum productivity. When traveling over uneven surfaces, a full-suspension seat helps reduce the effects of vibrations and umps on the operator.

The Jungheinrich EFG 213-220 3-wheel electric forklifts feature sealed electrical components so that dust and moisture do not impact forklift performance. The CAN-Bus system on the EFG 213-220 models verifies that components are functioning properly for greater uptime.