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The Jungheinrich EFG 110k-115 electric 3-wheel counterbalanced lift trucks are designed to provide excellent performance and greater maneuverability in restricted spaces as well as superior operator comfort. These EFG 110k-115 3-wheel lift trucks are powered by a 3-phase AC motor and high-output AC controller, which provides you with greater power and responsiveness. This AC system produces high torque, even at low speeds, to provide faster good throughout which can potentially allow you to reduce the overall size of your forklift fleet. The AC motor is highly efficient, consuming less energy which translates into longer battery life and increased run times.


  EFG 110k EFG 110 EFG 113 EFG 115
Basic Capacity lbs.  1920 2400 2880
Maximum Fork Height² in.  255
Voltage (or Fuel Type)   24 2400 2880 
Length to Fork Face in. 61.8 63.9 68.1 70.3
Chassis Width in. 39
Chassis Height¹ in. 110 255 110
Gross Weight¹ lbs. 5490 5666 6085 6327

¹ Does not reflect optional mast collapsed height or additional weight
² Various lift heights available to match your exact needs. Value shown is maximum fork height available as an optional mast. 

The EFG 110k-115 electric lift trucks from Jungheinrich also feature advanced regenerative braking so that lost energy is fed back into the battery when the equipment is coasting, plugging or braking.

Several important safety features were built into the EFG 110k-115 electric lift trucks. Curve Control automatically reduces lift truck speed when turns are being taken, ensuring full control of the load. Multiple warning alarms and light options are includes to increase overall operator awareness and visibility of the warehouse.

The design of Jungheinrich’s EFG 110k-115 electric 3-wheel lift trucks also feature operator comforts, including a full length, molded rubber floor mat. Operational ease is provided with the electronic hydraulic controls and a full-suspension seat cushions operators from vibrations and bumps when traveling over uneven surfaces.

Overall, you will save time and money with the EFG 110k-115 electric lift trucks. These Jungheinrich lift trucks only require preventative maintenance every 1000 hours, extending the forklift’s overall operating time as well.