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Jungheinrich EFX 410/413

Jungheinrich’s EFX series of turret trucks provide excellent performance and flexibility in very narrow aisle warehouses. With 48-volt 3-phase AC technology, these trucks carry load capacities between 2,000 and 2,750 lbs and reach lift heights up to 23 feet. The EFX turret trucks can be uses with wire or rail guidance as well, increasing productivity and combining applications in narrow aisles, wide aisles and staging areas.


  • Unique Truck Design with Forward-facing Seat and Side-mounted mast
  • Exceptional Visibility for a Clear View of the Load, Racking and Travel Direction
  • Jungheinrich Proprietary 3-phase AC Technology in Drive, Lift and Steering Motors
  • Energy Regeneration during Braking
  • Energy Reclamation during Lowering
  • Ergonomic Operator Compartment with Overhead Load Guard
  • Weight-adjustable Seat with Armrests
  • Adjustable Operating Console
  • Graphic Display with Keys for Operating and Service Functions
  • Ergonomic, Single-handed Operating Lever Controls Hydraulic Functions
  • Electric Power Steering for Precise Maneuvering
  • Simultaneous Travel and Lift/Lower with Optimum Speed Profile Based on Travel Direction
  • AC Drive Control with CAN-Bus Connection
  • Mirror on Overhead Load Guard
  • Wear-free Regenerative Braking
  • Spring-loaded Parking Brake on Drive Wheel
  • Hydraulic Load Wheel Brake (Wire Guided Only)
  • Stepless Speed Control on All 3-phase AC Motors for Smooth and Efficient Travel
  • Smooth Operation of All Hydraulic Functions with Cushioning at All End Stops
  • Integrated Diagnostic System

Operator Comfort & Safety

Jungheinrich designed the EFX series with the operator’s safety and comfort in mind. Operators are more productive thanks to the spacious and ergonomic compartment, which includes a comfortable footwell for easy entry and exit, a cushioned seat that can be adjusted for both height and weight and an automotive-style pedal layout. At the center of it all is an adjustable height and angle large display. With large storage areas and a functional ergonomic design, including centrally-positioned controls, operators can work more quickly and confidently with less physical demand. Operators have an unobstructed view of the load, their travel direction and the racking thanks to a forward-facing seat and side-mounted mast.


The EFX series of turret trucks constantly apply the 3-phase AC technology for drive, lift and steering. This lowers energy consumption due to the excellent efficiency in all the motors and provides high torque for dynamic movement. The AC technology also allows for stepless speed control of the hydraulic motor while creating optimal heat management so there are cooler operating temperatures. Plus, this AC technology reduces the maintenance needed on these machines as many wear-susceptible components such as carbon brushes, contacts and commutators are eliminated.

Several innovative features also define the EFX series turret trucks performance. Travel and hydraulic functions are easily controlled by operators with thumb movement. Precise positioning is achieved with electric power steering and important operating data is displayed as pictograms on the large graphic display. A wide range of options ensure that these turret trucks can be configured to the application.

Energy is reclaimed when the forks are being lowered or when the brake is being applied. The energy reclaimed is fed back into the battery, which allows for longer operating times with the same battery capacity, shorter battery charging times resulting in a prolonged life and reduced energy costs through the use of smaller batteries.

The combination of the AC drive control and CAN-Bus system makes the EFX series of Turret trucks user-friendly, application-oriented, economical and reliable. These turret trucks can be individually adjusted to your specific application and speeds can be controlled and adjusted for very narrow aisles.


The EFX Series of turret trucks from Jungheinrich are built to make maintenance as easy as possible with such features as a removable rear cover for easy access to the drive and lift components and removable battery side panels and hinged battery cover for easy access to the battery. The battery can be removed from either side of the truck.

Specifications EFX 410 EFX 413
Load Capacity 2,200 lbs 2,750 lbs
Overhead Guard Height 89.6" 89.6"
Width 47.6-61" 47.6-61"
Turning Radius 72.8" 72.8"
Travel Speed Loaded/Unloaded 5.6/5.6 MPH 5.6/5.6 MPH
Power Unit 48V 48V