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Jungheinrich EKX 410

The Jungheinrich EKX 410 turret truck is powered by 48-volt, 3-phase AC technology. This makes it a top performer among turret trucks, capable of loads up to 2,200 lbs and lift heights of up to 25 feet. The EKS 410 is a highly versatile and economic turret truck with its ability to stack and retrieve whole pallets as well as pick individual items from the rack. Its compact design provides maximum maneuverability.

Features & Benefits

  • 3-phase AC technology for High Torque and Excellent Productivity/li>
  • Superior Efficiency through Energy Reclamation During Lowering and Braking
  • AC Controller for Excellent Reliability with CAN-Bus Technology
  • Elevating Operator Cabin

Operator Comfort & Safety

Operator safety and comfort were important factors considered designing the EKS 410 turret truck. The spacious operator cab ensures that operators can easily work with optimum efficiency. Large storage areas, the ergonomic position of the controls and a choice of standing or sitting during operation makes work significantly less demanding physically, resulting in faster and more efficient work.

At the center of the cab area is the operating console, adjustable in both height and tilt angle. A number of innovative performance characteristics add to operator comfort and ergonomic protection. Operators are provided important operating data via pictograms on a large LCD display. This display also shows the battery discharge monitor, operating hour meter, key switch emergency stock switch, clock, lift height and steering position. Thumb controls makes for easy control of the travel and hydraulic functions. Sensors register the operator’s touch and pass this information to the onboard computer where all operational checks are carried out. The intensity of the required touch is individually adjustable.


The EKX410 Turret Truck includes 48-volt 3-phase AC technology. The constant application of this AC technology for travel, hydraulic and steering is a main characteristic of this turret truck. Advantages include: optimum energy consumption due to the excellent efficiency factor in all motors, stepless speed control of the hydraulic motor, optimized thermal economy which allows the use of corrosion-free, heat resistant plastic containers for the hydraulic oil, high torque fro excellent responsiveness and reduced maintenance thanks to the elimination of components susceptible to wear such as carbon brushes, commutator and contacts.

The 3-phase AC drive control combined with the CAN-Bus system make the EKX 410 turret truck user-friendly, economical and reliable. Advantages include: individual adjustment to suit the applications, steplessly adjustable seed profiles in and out of narrow aisles and easier and less expensive care of components.

When the forks are being lowered or the brakes are being applied, energy is fed back into the system. Energy that has been reclaimed this way is then available for subsequent energy consumption. Advantages include longer operating times with the same battery capacity, improved order picking efficiency, shorter battery charging times with prolonged battery life at the same time and lower investments for smaller batteries and lower energy costs.

Standard Equipment

  • Ergonomic Operator’s Cab with Overhead Load Guard
  • Spring-cushioned, Height-adjustable and Foldable Seat
  • Spring Clip on Rear Panel
  • Electric Power-assisted Steering
  • Travel Direction Dependent Diagonal Travel Speed Profiles (For Lifting and Driving at the Same Time)
  • AC Power Control with CAN-Bus Connection
  • Wear-free Braking with Energy Regeneration
  • Spring-loaded Parking Brake on Drive Wheel
  • Stepless Speed Control of Hydraulic Motor
  • End Position and Transfer Cushioning of All Hydraulic Functions
  • Simultaneous Lowering of Main and Additional Lift
  • Synchronized Rotation/Reach Cycle
  • Integrated Diagnostic System
  • Removable Rear Cover for Excellent Service Accessibility
  • Hinged Battery Cover and Removable Battery Side Panels
  • Warning Flashing Light during Lowering and Travel Operation
  • Emergency Lowering of Main Lift under Rear Cover
  • Slack Chain Safety Device
  • Foldable Bottle Holder
Specifications EKX 410
Load Capacity 2,200 lbs
Overhead Guard Height 100.4"
Width 47.6"
Turning Radius 80.1"
Travel Speed Loaded/Unloaded 5.6/5.6 MPH
Power Unit 48V