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Jungheinrich EKX 513-515

Jungheinrich’s EKX513-515 High-rack Turret Trucks are designed for high performance in narrow aisle warehouses. These turret truck models have over 5 million possible configurations making them adaptable to any warehouse and logistics operation and were built with low cost of operation and ergonomics in mind.


  • Versatile Design with Modular Construction
  • Intelligent Truck Management System
  • 80 Volt, 3-phase Advanced AC technology
  • Powerful Torque and High Productivity
  • Low Cost of Operation with Two-fold Energy Reclamation
  • Effective Energy Management
  • Ergonomic Workplace with Electrically Adjustable Operator’s Console

Operator Comfort & Safety

These Jungheinrich Turret Trucks have many features to keep the operator comfortable and secure, as well as a few features to ensure the safety of those around the trucks. An optional integrated personnel protection system can be factory installed and integrated into the electronic control system (CAN-Bus) the senses the presence of pedestrians within the working aisle, thus alerting operators and slowing down or stopping the turret truck as necessary.

For the operator’s comfort, Jungheinrich turret truck’s feature generously dimensioned entrances into the operator cabs. Large footwells and adjustable knee supports make room for a variety of operator sizes. Operator’s have excellent visibility of the load with the load mounted turret and clear view masts. The foldable, adjustable operator seat ensures full-shift comfort with spring cushioning.

High performance and efficiency are available to the operator from the moment they step into the operator’s cab and turn on the turret truck. At the center of the cab is the electronically adjustable control panel where the truck controls are located and all the important operating parameters are clearly seen on the high resolution color display. All parameters and programs can be set individually on the control panel, while softkeys are used to control functions and menus. A thumb operation controls the travel and hydraulic functions and two-handed operation is used for maximum security and operator comfort. Sensors register the operator’s touch and pass this information on to the onboard computer.


Jungheinrich knows that excellent performance and energy efficiency are important factors for fast throughput and low cost of operation in turret trucks and achieves both with 3-phase AC technology, industry-leading controller and motor design. With these features operators can utilize these turret trucks to their full capacity over the span of two shifts in while normal operation mode without having to charge the battery. The batteries within these trucks require shorter charging times and have longer life cycle. Battery rollers allows for quick battery charges while regenerative braking and lowering doubles energy reclamation.

The 3-phase AC technology of these Turret trucks’ also results in low energy consumption, reduced maintenance and wear and high productivity. Operators will find these trucks have excellent acceleration with travel speed maximized depending on travel direction and fork height.  These machines also have fast main and auxiliary lift speed and feature simultaneous lifting and lowering of the main and auxiliary lifts.

Another energy-saving feature of these turret trucks are the hydraulic pump motors. These motors only run at speeds required to complete requested actions. And while these motors are powerful, they also run at cooler temperatures while still providing seamless operation across all functions.

Jungheinrich’s Turret Trucks also come equipped with RFID Floor Quality recognition. This allows for high flexibility in regards to the programming of the turret truck’s performance limits based on the location and optimizes travel speed in relation to the floor conditions.


Jungheinrich has designed its EKX513-515 Turret Trucks for low cost of operation, and can go up to 10,000 operating hours without service thanks to such maintenance saving features as having the electronics fitted with a wear-free sensor system, a sealed drive unit with lifetime rated gear oil and a revolution counter on wheels with traction control and wear recognition on the drive wheel. The CAN-Bus system eliminates 70 percent of cables and plugs and the extremely torsion-resistant mast provides for high residual capacities and low mast sway. The 3-phase AC motors don’t require down-time for maintenance and an integrated diagnostics system allows for remote maintenance via a modem.

Additional Equipment Available:

  • Mechanical Rail Guidance
  • Inductive (Wire) Guidance for Precise Control in the Aisle with No Mechanical Wear of Components
  • Modular Telescopic Forks for Multiple Pallet Dimensions
  • Comfort Package “Workplace” with Workplace Lighting, Mirror and Fans
  • Synchronized Rotation of Forks
  • Mechanical and Electrical Support for Warehouse Material Flow Management Systems
  • Truck Preparation for Working Platforms
  • Modular System for Lift and Travel Stop as well as Speed Reduction
Specifications EKX 513 EKX 515k EKX 515
Load Capacity 2,750 lbs 3,300 lbs 3,300 lbs
Overhead Guard Height 100.4" 100.4" 100.4"
Width 47.6-57.9" 47.6-57.9" 47.6-57.9"
Turning Radius 82.9" 86.9" 98.5"
Travel Speed Loaded/Unloaded  6.5/6.5 MPH  6.5/6.5 MPH  6.5/6.5 MPH 
Power Unit 80V 80V 80V