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Jungheinrich EMC 110/B10

The Jungheinrich series of EMC electric walkie stackers combine productivity, efficiency and operator security into a single, user-friendly design. These stackers are well-suited for a wide variety of short lift height applications. Such applications include lifting raw materials to feeder machines and stacking palletized loads onto first-level racking. Additionally, these stackers are excellent in ergonomics, raising and lowering materials and goods to comfortable, operator-friendly heights.


  • Highly Efficient 3-phase AC Drive Motor
  • Ergonomic, Multi-function Handle Head
  • Easily Maneuvered with the Handle in the Vertical Position by Pressing the Crawl-speed Button
  • Compact and Maneuverable
  • Maintenance-free Battery Pack with Integrated Charger
  • Optional Proportional Lowering for Exact Pallet Placement


Jungheinrich’s EMC series of electric walkie stackers include the company’s innovator 3-phase AC drive motor, which is virtually maintenance free and provides excellent performance for efficient, productive operation.

Adding to these stackers productivity, is the multi-functional handle head, which controls the lift and lower functions. The multi-functional handle allows operators focus entirely on the stacking and retrieval of loads with its intuitive color scheme design. The lift and lower controls are combined on a rocker switch for convenient operation when the handle is at an angled position. The long handle is mounted low to promote lower steering resistance and keeps the operator a comfortable distance away from the truck. Control buttons on the handle include wear-resistant indicators and the angle of the handle conforms to a natural hand position to lessen operator fatigue. An optional proportional lowering function will ensure fragile loads are gently placed on the racks or floor. This feature electro-hydraulically controls lowering speed in two stages via a button the handle head. A high lifting speed also increases productivity.

The travel, lift and horn functions can easily be accessed from both sides of the multi-function handle. A crawl-speed button is located on the back of the handle and acts as a brake bypass switch so that the stacker can maneuver in tight areas when the handle is in the vertical position.

A unique, single cylinder mast design ensures superior operator visibility of the load and an offset drive unit increases four-point wheel stability.

EMC B Differences

The EMC B stacker features an extremely short chassis length of 21 inches and a low chassis weight of 1201 lbs. This allows the stacker to easily operate in a variety of confined spaces such as elevators and mezzanines. It is also equipped with a crawl-speed button.  


The Jungheinrich series of EMC stackers require less maintenance than some competitive models because these stackers include low maintenance components to ensure significant, long-term reductions in operating costs. The 3-phase AC drive motor is only one of these low maintenance components. Another is an integrated charger sealed with an IP54-protected controller. The handle head and electrical connectors are protected to IP65 and all components are easily accessed through a durable front cover.

The batteries in these stackers, when combined with the energy-efficient 3-phase AC technology, run for longer operating times. The 2x12V/70 Ah batteries are maintenance-free. An integrated 115V charger and cord ensures fast, simple charging from any 110/120V wall outlet. A battery discharge indicator continuously displays the battery’s state-of-charge to the operator and includes a lift cut-off function when state-of-charge reaches 20 percent.


  • Truck Activation via PON (CanCode)
  • Choice of 3 Programmable Performance Modes
  • Enhanced Information Display (CanDis)
  • 78-inch Lifting Height
  • 35- or 50-inch Straddle Leg Opening (42-inch Opening is Standard)
  • 48-inch Load Backrest (Required for 78-inch Lifting Height)
Specifications EMC 110 EMC 110 EMC B10 EMC B10
Load Capacity 2,200 lbs  2,200 lbs  2,200 lbs  2,200 lbs 
Height 77.6" 95.7" 77.6" 95.7"
Length to Fork Face 21.1" 21.1" 21.1" 21.1"
Turning Radius 54.3" 54.3" 54.3" 54.3"
Travel Speed Loaded/ Unloaded 2.6/3.1 MPH  2.6/3.1 MPH  2.6/3.1 MPH  2.6/3.1 MPH 
Power Unit 2x12V 2x12V 2x12V 2x12V