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Jungheinrich ETM/ETV 214/216

Jungheinrich designed its ETM/ETV series of reach trucks with a space-saving design, ergonomic operator compartment and high performance figures. With lift heights up to 34 feet, the ETM/ETV series of reach trucks provide the best operating conditions for efficient stacking and retrieval in aisles as narrow as 8 feet 10 inches. Whether handling pallets, working in drive-in racking or operating on single or multi-shift applications, these reach trucks are the perfect solutions.


  • Proprietary 3-phase AC Technology in Drive, Lift and Steering Motors
  • Space-saving Optimum Truck Design
  • Ergonomic Operator Compartment
  • Energy Reclamation During Braking and Lowering (Optional)
  • MULTI-PILOT Control Lever
  • Advanced Stability During Cornering with Jungheinrich Curve Control

Operator Comfort & Safety

Jungheinrich’s ergonomic compartment on the ETM/ETV series reach trucks provides ideal working conditions for high performance and ease of operation. The comfortable seats can be adjusted to suit every operator with options for seat position, backrest and body weight. The operator cab comes with several storage areas and a generous amount of space. All important operating controls and display are easily accessible and centrally-positioned, as well as adjustable. Operational data can be displayed and various travel programs selected or adjusted from the operator display. Operators have excellent visibility through the panorama mast and overhead guard on these reach trucks, allowing the operator to work with maximum confidence. The operator compartment also has a lowered entry height.


The ETM/ETV series of reach trucks come with Jungheinrich’s powerful, proprietary 3-phase AC technology in the drive, lift and steering motors. Such advantages over traditional direct current motors include powerful acceleration, quick directional chances without delays and longer operating times thanks to energy reclaimed during braking and lowering of the load.

These reach trucks have a centrally-positioned MULTI-PILOT control lever that activates all hydraulic functions, including travel direction and the horn. All operating controls are visible and organized in a logical manner, while additional hydraulic functions such as the fork positioner, an optional feature) can be controlled with the MULTI-PILOT control. Maximum efficiency is achieved through the simultaneous use of two hydraulic functions such as lift and reaching and precise operation is achieved by using proportional hydraulics on all functions.

The high-quality control panel on the ETM/ETV series display the most important data an operator needs to know to operating these reach trucks safety and efficiently. This includes travel direction, wheel position, steering mode, battery state-of-charge with residual running time, operating hours and clock, and lift height. The control panel also includes three adjustable travel programs to choose from to suit every application.

The Jungheinrich masts provide maximum space utilization at all lift heights providing excellent visibility towards the load. If the load is raised above the free-lift height, travel speed is automatically reduced to crawl speed thanks to the patented mast-reach cushioning. At certain heights, operators have a choice between mast tilt or fork tilt. These high-qualify mast profiles ensure a long lifespan of the ETM/ETV reach trucks. 

An optional onboard computer combines several functions in one operating element to ensure economic performance and reliability during daily high-powered operations. This computer includes a large color screen and has PIN access with user administration. Faster stacking can be achieved at high lift heights by inputting the parameters into this computer.


The constant use of 3-phase AC technology results in high efficiency, greater operational available and reduced maintenance because the AC motors don’t require such parts as carbon brushes, brush springs or commutators.

Specifications ETM 214 ETV 214 ETM 216 ETV 216
Load Capacity 3,000 lbs 3,000 lbs 3,500 lbs 3,500 lbs
Overhead Guard Height 84.6" 84.6" 84.6" 84.6"
Width 44.1" 50" 44.1" 50"
Turning Radius 63.5" 63.5" 65.5" 65.5"
Maximum Travel Speed 8.7 MPH 8.7 MPH 8.7 MPH 8.7 MPH
Power Unit 48V 48V 48V 48V