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Jungheinrich ETR 230/235

The Jungheinrich ETR 230-235 single reach trucks boast strong performance, helping to move more pallets per hour and lowering overall cost of ownership while enhancing operator comfort and productivity. These Jungheinrich reach trucks provide higher performance due to advanced 3-phase AC technology. The AC motors require no carbon brushes, eliminating the cost of replacements and this, reducing the need for servicing. This also allows for loner operating times. A space-saving design results in greater productivity as these trucks can work in smaller aisles and leave more space available for products. 

The Jungheinrich ETR 230 & 2235 also feature high-visibility, heavy duty mast with durable rollers and mast rails, designed to meet the most demanding applications. Hydraulic cushioning and mast staging functions hep operators to precisely and securely position loads at all lift heights. The ETR 230 and 235 reach trucks deliver productivity in applications where space is at a premium, with the ability to stack and retrieve goods efficiently in narrow aisles. Operators can customize the drive and hydraulic settings to suit the application and their preferences. 


  • Powerful 3-phase AC technology built into the drive, lift and steering motors
  • State-of-the-art, multifunction control handle allows operators to work three functions simultaneously
  • Rugged mast with excellent visibility and hydraulic cushioning for efficient load handling
  • Spacious operator compartment offers a combination of comfort, flexibility and function
  • Operator display offers information you need to know in an easy-to-read format


ETR 230 ETR 235


Type   Single Reach
Power Voltage 36
Capacity at rated load center lb  3000 3500
Capacity load center - distance from fork face in  24


Maximum Fork Height in  240
Free Fork Height in  56
Fork Width in  3.9
Fork Thickness in  1.4
Fork Spacing - out-to-out minimum in  10
Fork Spacing - out-to-out maximum (1) in  31.5
Tilt Angle - froward/backward degrees  3/4
Mast Width (2) in  30.6
Baseleg Opening in  33-49
Baseleg Width in  4.75 5.5
Overall Length in  75.9 78
Length to Fork Face in  53.8
Overall Chassis Width in  40.9
Overall Lowered Height in  107
Overall Lowered Height to top of overhead guard in  94.75
Overall Height with extended mast in  288
Step Height in  9.3
Battery Roller Height in  6.2
Min. Outside Turning Radius in  70.8
Min. Aisle - 90 degree stack - zero clearance in  Please contact your sales rep
Load Wheel Centerline in  5.3
Grade clearance (3) in  13.7 13.2

Wheels & Chassis   

Travel Speed tractor first (4) mph  7.5
Travel Speed - forks first mph  7
Lift speed, loaded (triplex) fpm  64 58
Lift Speed, empty (triplex) fpm  95
Lower Speed, loaded (triplex) fpm  110
Lower Speed, empty (triplex) fpm  90
Gradeability - loaded - maximum 9
Gradeability - empty - maximum 9


Truck weight - empty - with min. weight battery lb  7600 8000
Battery weight - minimum lb  1600 2000
Battery weight - maximum lb 2000 2300


Chassis type    Stand
Wheelbase in  61.5 63.5
Ground clearance - center of wheelbase in  2
Ground clearance - lowest point at mas in  2
Tire size - steer in  13.5 x 5.5
Tire size - caster in  7 x 4
Tire size - load wheels in  5 x 2.88
Brake type   Electric Disc


Traction motor type   AC Induction
Traction motor output (60 minute rating) hp 6.8
Pump motor type   AC Induction
Pump motor output (5 minute rating) hp  14.7
Steer motor type   AC Induction
Steer motor output (60 minute rating) hp  0.5
Battery maximum capacity - A/H (6 hour rating)   775 1240
Battery compartment length in  14.25 16.25
Battery compartment width in  38.58
Battery compartment height in  31.65


(1) 27.5 inches for BLO less than 37 inches
(2) Add 3 inches at cross bar
(3) Reduce rate clearance by 0.4% with 18.25 inches battery compartment length and 1% with 21.25 inches battery compartment length vs. 16.25 inches length
(4) Maximum speed attainable, after break-in period, varies with truck weight, rolling resistance, mast height, options and battery condition