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Jungheinrich ETV C Series

Jungheinrich’s ETV C series of reach trucks are an excellent choice for cost-effective stacking and retrieval at lift heights up to 24.3 feet and in narrow aisles with widths as little as 9.25 feet. Whether handling pallets, working in drive-on racking, operating in single or multi-shift applications, or frequently working outside with an optional weather-proof cabin, ETV C series reach trucks provide the ideal solution for every application. These reach trucks are suitable for applications on smooth, concrete floors in the warehouse or for loading and unloading outside on bumpy, uneven asphalt surfaces. Super elastic tires, high ground clearance, a space-saving design, an ergonomic operator compartment and high performance figures add to the exceptional strengths of these reach trucks


  • Proprietary 3-phase AC technology in Drive, Lift and Steering Motors
  • Super Elastic Tires and High Ground Clearance for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Side-facing Seat for Excellent Visibility
  • Smooth and Sensitive Operation with SOLO-PILOT Hydraulic Control
  • Jungheinrich Curve Control
  • All Weather Cabins for Frequent Outdoor Applications (Optional)

Operator Comfort & Safety

Jungheinrich’s ETV C series features a spacious, ergonomic operator compartment to provide ideal working conditions for high performance and ease of operations. This includes operators being able to see the entry and exit step plate from above. The side-facing seat provides operators with outstanding visibility of heavy loads. The optimally positioned steering wheel includes electric 180-degree steering. All important controls are easily accessible by the operator while the sideshift can be automatically centered with the simple push of a button. Last, the operator’s compartment features several storage areas for the operator’s equipment.

Jungheinrich also offers all weather cabins for this series of reach trucks to protect operators during frequent outdoor use. This cabin comes in three designs – the economy, comfort 1 and comfort 2.  The economy cabin offers a roof and front screen. The comfort 1 cabin includes a roof, and front and side screens, great for protection against frequent use in rainy conditions. The comfort 2 cabin has a roof, front and side screens and a door to provide complete protection.


The ETV C series of Jungheinrich reach trucks feature the company’s proprietary 3-phase AC technology in the drive, lift and steering motors. Besides providing greater efficiency, advantages of the AC technology has over traditional direct current motors include powerful acceleration, quick directional changes without delay and greater operational availability as the AC motors do not require such maintenance-required parts as carbon brushes, brush springs and commutators. These reach trucks are also capable of longer operating times thanks to the energy reclaimed during braking.

These ETV C series reach trucks are easy control with SOLO-PILOT, where multiple control levers are used to activate all hydraulic functions, including lifting/lowering, travel direction, sideshift and the horn. All operating controls are visible and have a designated function. Mast reach and tilt functions are controlled by two separate levels. SOLO-PILOT also controls auxiliary equipment such as the fork positioner. Operators have precise control thanks to the smooth activation of all functions.

The operator’s high-quality control panel display is easy to read and reports on the most important operating data, including travel direction, wheel position, battery discharge indicator, operating hours, clock, lift height and load weight. Operators can also choose from three adjustable travel programs to suit the application.


The ETV C Series of Jungheinrich reach trucks have higher levels of productivity and fewer maintenance requirements thanks to the constant use of Jungheinrich’s proprietary 3-phase AC technology.

Specifications ETV C16 DZ   ETV C20 DZ  
Load Capacity 3,500 lbs 4,400 lbs
Overhead Guard Height   89" 89"
Width 54" 55"
Turning Radius 68" 71"
Maximum Travel Speed 8 MPH 8 MPH
Power Unit 48V 48V