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Jungheinrich ETV 110/112

Jungheinrich’s ETV 110/112 reach trucks provide the best solution for cost effective stacking and retrieval at lift heights up to 19 ½ feet and in confined spaces. These reach trucks are suits for every application, from the handling of pallets in narrow aisle to multi-shift applications.


  • Proprietary AC Technology in Drive, Lift and Steer Motors
  • Improved Maneuverability Due to Compact Chassis Design
  • Electric 180-degree Steering
  • Smooth Hydraulic Operation Using SOLO-PILOT Control Lever
  • Greater Operating Performance with Curve Control


ETV 110 ETV 112


Drive   electric
Manual, pedestrian, stand-on, seated order picker operation   transverse seat
Load Capacity/Rated Load lb. 2205 2646
Load Center Distance in. 24
Load Distance in. 13.4 16.7
Load Distance, mast extended forward in. 6.7
Wheelbase in. 51.2 54.5


Service weight without battery lb. 4418 4462
Service weight including battery lb. 5644 5688
Axle Loading, no load, front/rear lb. 3499/2145 3499/2189
Axle Loading, fork extended, loaded front/rear lb. 1398/2826 1138/7196
Axle Loading, fork retracted, loaded, front/rear lb. 2826/5022 3000/5333

Wheels & Chassis

Tire type/material   Vulkollan
Tire size, drive in. 13.5 x 4.5
Tire Size, load in. 9.1 x 3.3
Wheels, number, drive/load (x=driven)   1x/2
Track Width, drive/load (center of tires) in. 39.1


Mast of Fork Carriage Tilt forward/backward deg.  1/3
Lowered Mast Height in. 91.0
Fork Free Lift Height in. 65.0
Max. Fork Height in. 208.5
Extended Mast Height in. 273.0
Overhead Guard Height in. 86.2
Seat Height/Ground to Seat Index Point in. 37.2
Height of Wheel Arms in. 11.6
Overall Length (incl. forks) in. 91.4
Length to Fork Face (incl. fork thickness) in. 46.2
Overall Width - chassis/wheel legs in. 441/441
Fork Dimensions (L x W x T) in. 45.3 x 3.1 x 1.6
Fork Carriage Type (to ISO 2328, class/type A, B)   2/B
Fork Carriage Width in. 31.5
Overall Fork Width (min/max.) in. 11.7/26.2
Distance between wheel arms (BLO) in. 35.4
Reach Distance in. 20.0 23.4
Ground Clearance at center of wheelbase in. 3.1
Ground Clearance at lowest point in. 1.2
Aisle Width (for 40 x 48 pallets, L x W) in. 103.5 104.5
Aisle Width (for 48 x 48 pallets, L x W) in. 110.0 110.5
Min. Outside Turning Radius in. 59.6 62.8
Length to tip of wheel arms in. 64.6 68.0


Travel Speed, loaded/no load mph 6.8/6.8
Lift Speed, Loaded/No load fpm 94.5/137.8 84.7/137.8
Lowering Speed, loaded/no load fpm 98.4/98.4
Reaching Speed, loaded/empty fpm 39.4/39.4
Gradeability, loaded/empty % 7/10
Max. Gradeability loaded/empty % 10/15
Acceleration time loaded/empty s 5.1/4.8
Brakes - service type electric


Drive Motor (rating 60 minutes) hp 6.0
Lift motor Rating at 15% hp 15.4
Battery Voltage/Nominal Capacity K5 V 48
Battery Weight, min./max. lb. 1571/2326
Battery Dimensions (L x W x H)  in. 13.97 x 48.15 x 30.87


Type of Drive Control   impulse/Mosfet AC
Operating Pressure for attachments psi 2175
Hydraulic Flow Rate for attachment gpm 5.3
Sound Pressure Level at operator' sear dBA 68