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The EZS 350NA from Jungheinrich is a versatile, ergonomic tow tractor that is capable of towing combined loads of up to 11,000 lbs. This tow tractor adds flexibility and increases efficient in most material handling operations thanks to its ability to hitch several tractors together. And with several options available, you’re sure to meet the specific needs of your application with the EZS 350NA.


  • High Energy Efficiency Due to Maintenance-free AC Drive Motor
  • Effortless Operation with Electric Steering & JetPilot
  • Curve Control for Advanced Stability When Turning
  • Electronic SpeedControl for Smooth Travel
  • Solid Pneumatic Load Wheels for Increased Vibration Absorption


The high performance EZS 350NA tow tractor features a 2.8 kW, 24V AC drive motor. This energy efficient motor allows the tow tractor to travel at high speeds with powerful acceleration. It is also why the EZS 350NA can make quick directional changes without hesitation. Combined with battery capacities of up to 750 Ah, this Jungheinrich tow tractor provides long operating periods.  Because of the effective design between the drive motor, electronic controller and regenerative braking function, the drive motor doesn’t require carbon brushes, thus reducing the overall maintenance required on the EZS 350NA tow tractor.

When Curve Control is combined with Jungheinrich’s SpeedControl, an impulse controller, controlled, smooth travel of the EZS 350NA is achieved. This combination also provides adjustable drive characteristics for any application, and comes with three pre-set, adjustable travel programs. No matter the travel situation, travel speed is maintained, even on upward and downward grades. During deceleration, energy is reclaimed thanks to regenerative braking.

Included on the EZS 350NA is a heavy-duty, removable steel hitch plate that accepts a variety of hitch types, such as bolt or weld-mounted, within a generous height range to meet your specific application requirements. This tow tractor also operates effortlessly when turning in confined spaces thanks to a short turning radius and JetPilot steering wheel. The JetPilot steering wheel has a limited steering arc to ensure the operator’s upper body remained within the operator compartment during sharp turns, increasing operator confidence. The programmable Curve Control feature automatically reduces travel speed during a turn, which adds to the EZS 350NA tow tractor’s effortless electric steering.

The EZS 350NA tow tractor’s rugged construction ensures that it will hold up even in the toughest of applications. The chassis is made up of a high quality 0.31-inch thick steel plate. The extra high bumper on the front protect the motor from damage occurred during a possible impact.

The EZS 350NA tow tractor includes a three-color LED battery discharge indicator so that the operator is informed at all times. An optional CanDis information display has a 10-bar visual charge indicator, hour-meter and service code display. Another option is the CanCode keypad that allows the tow tractor to be activated via a PIN. Combine these two options together and the EZS 350NA tow tractor can have speed, acceleration and motor brake parameters quickly adjusted without the use of a laptop.

Operator Comfort:

The Jungheinrich EZS 350NA tow tractor provides several ergonomic features. A low step height of 5.2 inches allows operators to easy enter and exit the platform, which is ideal for applications that require frequent mounting and dismounting. Operator comfort is also achieved with the padded backrest with grab handle and kneepad found inside the operator compartment. Operators will feel very little of this tow tractor’s vibrations during travel thanks to the solid-pneumatic load wheels and the suspended stand-on platform, which includes a cushioned rubber mat. The travel distance between the driving position to the load or hitch is quite shortand the tow hitch can be seen from every position.

Available Options:

  • Forward/Reverse Pedestrian Touch Control
  • Rubber or Steel Bumper
  • Extended Backrest with Flip-down Seat Adjustable to 3 Different Height Positions
  • Reversing Alarm
  • Traction & Non-marking Drive Wheels
  • Backrest-mounted Strobe Light
  • Front Working Light

Jungheinrich EZS 350NA
Drive Electric
Type of Operation Tractor/Ride-on
Load Capacity 11,000 lbs
Rated Drawbar Pull 1,000/225 F
Wheelbase 45.2"
Service Weight Including Battery 2,527  lbs
Tires (front/Rear) Polyurethane/Solid-pneumatic
Tire Size - Front 9.1" x 3"
Tires Size - Rear 9.8" x 3.1"
Number of Wheels (Front/Rear) (x=driven Wheels) 1x/2
Track Width (Rear) 26.8"
Platform Height 5.2"
Normal Tow Hitch Height (Coupler) 10.1"
Maximum Tow Hitch Height (Coupler) 15.3"
Length 59.7"
Width 31.9"
Ground Clearance 2"
Turning Radius 53.9"
Travel Speed Loaded/Unloaded 4.3/7.8 MPH
Normal Rated Drawbar Pull Loaded/Unloaded 225 lbs
Maximum Rated Drawbar Pull Loaded/Unloaded 786 lbs
Service Brake Electric
Drive Motor Rating S2 60 Minutes 2.8/3.8 kW/HP
Battery Voltage, Nominal Capacity at 6-hour Rate 24/465 /Ah
Battery Weight (Minimum) 1,036 lbs
Energy Consumption 0.97 kW/h
Type of Drive Control AC Speed Control
Sound Level at Driver's Ear 66 dB A