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The Jungheinrich® EZS 570NA forklift is a versatile, economic tow tractor for towing loads up to 15,400 lbs. The ability to connect several trailers together helps to provide flexibility and increased efficiency in most material handling operations.

Efficient AC lift truck technology 
Jungheinrich motors with AC technology provide increased efficiency with reduced operating costs while also offering:

  • Higher efficiency with excellent energy consumption.
  • Powerful acceleration of the forklift.
  • High top speed, even when loaded.
  • Stepless travel direction changes.
  • No carbon brushes – the drive motor is maintenance free. 

Comfortable and productive forklift operation 
The electronic "SpeedControl" management system and the automatic electric braking system help to facilitate comfortable and secure operation of the forklift. The lift truck can also be customized for the specific application:

  • The forklift travel speed set by the position of the accelerator is automatically maintained regardless of gradient.
  • Three programmable forklift performance modes to suit various applications.
  • Regenerative braking returns energy to the lift truck's battery during deceleration.
  • Secure starting and stopping, even on slopes, with the electric parking brake, which automatically engages when the forklift is stationary and automatically releases when starting.
  • Crawl speed button for traveling at reduced speed. 

Optimum ergonomics

  • Low step for effortless entry and exit from the forklift.
  • Close proximity of operator position to trailer and load.
  • Highly visible and accessible coupling.
  • Multiple storage areas for the operator.

Rugged construction for demanding applications

  • Lift truck chassis made of high-quality 0.31 inch thick steel plate.
  • Extra high bumper on the front end.
  • Robust, high intensity, LED (light emitting diode) rear lights and indicators.  

Well informed at any time 
Easy-to-read forklift display and instruments always allow a complete overview for the operator:

  • Battery discharge indicator, operation hours, travel speed and fault diagnostics.
  • Adjustable travel parameters.

Available options 
The EZS 570NA tow tractor can also be equipped with several accessories to customize the lift truck for your specific application:

  • Fast, easy connecting/disconnecting of trailers with semi-automatic remote unlocking from the operator position.
  • Inching controls for simple coupling connect and disconnect.
  • Non-marking, solid pneumatic lift truck tires.
  • PIN (personal identification number) activation of the forklift.
  • Supplementary chassis protection made from steel.
  • Holder for RF data communications components.
  • Different couplers.
  • Forklift cab with a variety of accessories for traveling outside warehouses.

Longer operating times 
Energy efficient AC technology and high battery capacity, together with regenerative braking, allow the lift truck to operate longer - up to two shifts on one battery charge.

Model EZS 570NA
Drive electric
Type of operation seated
Load capacity/rated load (lb) 15,400
Wheelbase (in) 41.0
Service weight including min. weight battery (lb) 2635
Axle loading, unloaded, front/rear with min. weight battery (lb) 1230/1405
Tires solid pneumatic
Tire size, drive  15.8x4-8
Tire size, rear 15.8x4-8
No. of wheels, drive/rear  1/2
Tread widthm rear (in) 34.0
Height of overhead guard (cabin) (in) 83.5
Seat height (in) 40.5
Coupling height (in) 9.5/16.5
Overall length (in) 71.5
Overall width (in) 39.5
Ground clearance, center of wheelbase (in) 5.4
Turning radius (in) 65.0
Internal turning radius (in) 4.1
Travel speed, loaded/unloaded (mph) 5.3/11.2
Drawbar pull (lbf) 315
Service brake Hydraulic/mechanical
Drive motor rating S2 60 min. (hp) 5.7td>
Battery voltage, nominal capacity (V/Ah) 48/345
Battery weight, min/max. (lb) 1210/1320
Type of drive control impulse/AC
Sound level at driver's ear (dbA) 57