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Jungheinrich has been manufacturing forklifts and other equipment for over 60 years and is the top warehouse technology supplier in Europe. Now, you can bring this industry-leading technology to your U.S. job site by purchasing Jungheinrich lift trucks at Holt of California. Browse our options and contact us today to learn more.

Our Jungheinrich Lift Trucks for Sale

We have a wide variety of Jungheinrich lift trucks for sale in California, so you are sure to find a rugged model that will get the job done. Our Jungheinrich forklift trucks include:

  • Counterbalanced lift trucks: A counterbalanced lift truck has weight in its back end to counterbalance the weight of the load.
  • Reach trucks: Reach trucks work in narrow warehouse aisles at right angles to lift and load pallets on a rack. They are especially useful for storage where the pallets are two units deep.
  • Order pickers: An order picker finds material that is in storage and delivers it to where it needs to go. This machine is ideal for picking multiple items out of many cases, not lifting entire pallets.
  • Turret trucks: A turret truck works in the most narrow aisleways with high storage densities. This design boasts forks that rotate 180 degrees for the smallest possible footprint.
  • Pallet trucks: The Jungheinrich forklift trucks lift and move pallets to load and unload trucks or do simple order picking operations.
  • Hand pallet trucks: Pallet jacks are man-powered, so they lift and move lighter weight pallets for storage and order picking.
  • Tow trucks: Tow trucks are designed for transporting items around a facility. Some styles look like an industrial pickup truck, whereas others can hitch several trailers together.
  • Walkie stackers: The walkie stacker will lift and move pallets for short distances and is operated by a worker who walks behind the machine.

Features of Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Jungheinrich is a leading brand in Europe, and with the Jungheinrich lift trucks for sale at Holt of California, you can have this top-tier technology available to further your operations. This brand of machinery has features such as:

  • Lifting capacities up to several thousand pounds
  • Battery power that will last throughout shifts
  • Compact dimensions to maneuver in small aisleways

Choose Holt of California for Your Jungheinrich Lift Trucks Purchase

If you're looking for Jungheinrich lift trucks near you, there's no better dealer than Holt of California. We offer:

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