Center Control Rider ECE M36

Jungheinrich Center Control Rider ECE M36

Center Control Rider ECE M36
ECE M27-M36

  • Model ECE M36
  • Max Lift Capacity 8000
  • Max Lift Height 9.25
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From the spacious operator compartment, to excellent travel speeds and the 5-point suspension frame design, you can count on the ECE M27-ECE M36 to meet the extreme demands of your operations.


- Equipped with 3-phase AC technology, our center control riders are designed to provide long run times to increase the productivity of your operations.

- Drive wheel and swivel caster wheels are independent from the rear load frame.This design allows for smooth movement of the chassis, increased load stability and effortless control for increased throughput.

- The spacious and ergonomic semi-enclosed operator compartment not only helps to keep the operator fresh throughout the shift, but also allows for efficient “walk-through” for faster order picking.

- Low utilization of energy consumption per charge cycle allows for longer run times and greater throughput.



- A short chassis design allows for great turning radius and excellent maneuverability performance.

- With 190-degree steering arc capabilities, operators of varying skill levels can efficiently and precisely maneuver these trucks, especially in more restrictive or confined spaces.



- The large steer head requires minimal steering effort and makes it easy for operators to control the truck.

- Intuitive fingertip controls and soft-touch switch design makes operation extraordinarily comfortable.

- Rotary thumb travel speed controls that can be operated from either side provide operator flexibility.

- The ergonomic, intuitive and removable soft-grip grab bar helps to provide comfortable grip during operation for increased operator support.



- Excellent visibility in all directions.

- Intuitive standard Multifunction Digital Indicator (MDI) keeps the operator informed of truck status at all times with a quick glance.

- Optional multi-functional LCD display provides even greater operator awareness and customized performance settings.

- Optional travel alarm helps to increase pedestrian awareness of the truck’s presence.


Total Cost of Ownership

- Brushless AC drive motors with no commutators and no contactors utilize fewer parts, requiring less maintenance.

- IP65 enclosed frame design helps to keep debris and foreign particles from entering major components, better protecting your investment. 

- Regenerative braking system leads to longer brake life and reduced build-up within the drive motor.

- Tried and tested, proven components ensure low maintenance costs and long-lasting reliability.



Product Spec Sheet- English

ECE M27-M36 Center Control Rider

Product Spec Sheet- Spanish

ECE M27-M36 Center Control Rider

Application Type Indoor
Min Lift Capacity 0
Max Lift Capacity 8000
Max Lift Height 9.25
Min Lift Height 0
Power Type Electric
Primary Function OrderPicking