Counterbalanced Walkie Stackers EJG 216

Jungheinrich Counterbalanced Walkie Stackers EJG 216

Counterbalanced Walkie Stackers EJG 216
EJG 212-216

  • Model EJG 216
  • Max Lift Capacity 3500
  • Max Lift Height 114
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Or Call for Price: 877-373-4100

The EJG 212-216 series of counterbalanced walkie stackers is used for loading and unloading cantilever-type storage racking, sideways lifting of pallets or special load sizes where support arm walkie stackers cannot operate. These 2,600-3,500 lb. capacity forklifts with an overall width of 35.4 inches and a high degree of maneuverability can be operated easily in confined warehouse spaces.


Powerful low-maintenance 3-phase AC drive motor technology provides lower operating costs.

Cantilever-type storage racking, special load sizes, narrow aisles and sideways pallet lifting.

High degree of maneuverability for ease of loading and unloading materials in confined spaces.

Proportional hydraulics to aid in sensitive lifting and lowering for precise load positioning.

High ground clearance and large load wheels for comfortable travel on uneven surfaces.


Excellent view of the load for precise positioning.

Large, red emergency cut-off switch.

Energy Efficiency

High level of efficiency with excellent energy management.

Speed-controlled hydraulic motor for quiet operation and low energy consumption.

When combined with energy-efficient 3-phase AC technology, the 24-volt industrial battery provides long operating times.

Lateral battery rollers for side extraction (optional).


Compact design allows lift truck to be easily maneuvered in confined warehouse spaces.

Intuitively-controlled ergonomic operating handle.

Multi-functional electric tiller provides fatigue-free steering.

Total Cost Of Ownership

Low maintenance 3-phase AC drive motor.

Tiller head and electrical connectors protected to IP65.

Easy access to all forklift components through the durable front cover.

Application Type Indoor
Min Lift Capacity 0
Max Lift Capacity 3500
Max Lift Height 114
Min Lift Height 0
Power Type Electric
Primary Function Put Away/Retrieval