Pantograph Reach Truck ETR 416d

Jungheinrich Pantograph Reach Truck ETR 416d

Pantograph Reach Truck ETR 416d
ETR 214-316d

  • Model ETR 416d
  • Max Lift Capacity 4500
  • Max Lift Height 242
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The ETR 214-316d single reach trucks and ETR 335d deep reach trucks boast strong performance – moving more pallets per hour and lowering overall cost of ownership – while keeping operators comfortable and productive. One of the fastest in the industry, these 3,000-4,500 lb. capacity trucks are equipped with a hydraulic system that reaches a lifting speed of up to 160 feet per minute – helping your operators move more pallets in less time.



Peak Performance

  • Quick acceleration, fast travel speeds, and one of the fastest lifting speeds (165 feet per minute) leads to faster placement and pick-up of loads for greater throughput and efficiency.
  • 3 customizable performance modes for virtually any application and operator experience level, which equates to greater productivity.
  • Lift Height Indicator with Shelf Pre-selector –significantly increases productivity.

Energy Efficiency


Run 2 Shifts /1 Charge Guarantee

  • We guarantee your lift truck will run for 16 hours with no interim charging, no battery changing and no additional charging equipment required - saving valuable operator time and reducing your overall costs.


Advanced Regenerative Braking

  • This technology recovers energy when reversing or when the control handle is returned to a neutral position, leading to fewer battery changes and ultimately helping to increase throughput and productivity.


AC Technology –6th Generation

  • Next Generation AC technology provides for less energy consumption, higher torques, faster lift and travel speeds and longer run times.
  • AC Electric Power Steering

    Steer with control – Positioning the reach truck in an aisle is simplified with the ETR’s electronic power steering. This drive-by-wire system is extremely smooth and quiet and requires minimal effort to operate.

Industry Exclusive Support


5-Year Powertrain Warranty

  • Industry’s only standard 5-year / 10,000 powertrain warranty – including parts and labor on all powertrain components.


Low Maintenance

  • 1,000 hours service interval means more uptime with less time, effort and money spent on maintenance.

Operator Assistance



  • Automatically reduces travel speed when cornering and helps keep the truck and load stable and secure.


Operator Presence  

  • Two-pedal Operator Presence system activates alerts or stops specific functions on the truck.


Capacity Retention

  • Superior Capacity retention at height – base legs integrated into the chassis and not the mast as on many competitor trucks




  • Operator friendly design with comfortable cushions position at operator contact points - knee, back, hip and armrest padding.



  • Exclusive Jungheinrich-designed intuitive multifunction control handle provides outstanding job accuracy and efficiency.



  • All electric power steering allows for precise and effortless control.

What Customers Are Saying

“The (Jungheinrich) equipment that we have is top of the line and really stands out compared to what we used to have."

- Brent Cable, Industrial Engineer

Customizations for Unique Applications


  • Lift Link® - the all-in-one telematics solution for real-time monitoring of your material handling trucks. Track usage, prevent unauthorized access, detect aggressive operator behavior, and generate customizable reports. This powerful tool will transform how you manage your fleet.
  • Camera with color monitor
  • Lighting – Various spot lights, strobe lights, and flashing lights
  • Cold storage conditioning for freezer applications

*The ETR Reach Truck can be equipped with additional customizable applications for ultimate versatility and tailored efficiency.

Application Type Indoor
Min Lift Capacity 0
Max Lift Capacity 4500
Max Lift Height 242
Min Lift Height 0
Power Type Electric
Primary Function Put Away/Retrieval