Stand-Up Counterbalance ETG 318

Jungheinrich Stand-Up Counterbalance ETG 318

Stand-Up Counterbalance ETG 318
ETG 214-318

  • Model ETG 318
  • Max Lift Capacity Up to 4000
  • Max Lift Height 276
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The ETG 214-318 series is designed to maximize performance and operator comfort when you need to load and unload trailers, shuttle goods or move loads in a confined space.

High Performance


Industry-Leading Lift Speeds

  • Lift speeds up to 118 ft/min (unloaded) 36% faster than its next competitor to help you achieve new levels of efficiency.


Industry-Leading Torque Stability

  • Experience superior performance with industry-leading torque specifications.


Enhanced Maneuverability

  • The large, dual drive tires are independently controlled for improved lift truck maneuvering.

Energy Efficiency


Up to 41% More Energy Efficient

  • Achieve greater efficiency with up to 41% more energy efficient.


Pioneers in AC Technology

  • Since 1996, we've been leading the industry as the first OEM to adopt AC Technology.


Exclusive Synchronous Reluctance AC Motors

  • Our exclusive synchronous reluctance AC motors significantly reduce energy losses, extending operating times.

Industry Exclusive Support


5 Year Powertrain Warranty

  • Industry’s only standard 5-year / 10,000 powertrain warranty – including parts and labor on all powertrain components.


2 Shift 1 Charge Guaranteed

  • Move more product, save valuable time and spend less on batteries and chargers for your fleet.


Low Maintenance

  • With a 1,000 hours service interval, enjoy more uptime with less time, effort, and money spent on maintenance. This is double the 500-hour industry standard.




  • •curveCONTROL gives the operator added confidence by reducing the truck’s speed while cornering.


Customizable Tilt Speeds

  • Customizable tilt speeds at all heights help improve productivity and prevent damage to the load or drop down.


Pre-Programmed Performance Modes

  • Three pre-programmed performance modes allow for tailored operation to suit different needs.


Ramp Hold

  • Ramp Hold provides operators with greater control while working on ramps.

Superior Ergonomics


Generous Cushioning

  • 270° cushioning surrounds the operator’s knee, back, and waist for maximizing comfort.


Anti-Fatigue Floorboard

  • The adjustable, anti-fatigue floorboard enhances operator comfort during long shifts.


Power Adjustable Armrest & Backrest

  • Power adjustable armrest and backrest provide personalized support and comfort.


Multifunction Control Handle

  • The intuitive multifunction control handle simplifies operation and reduces operator fatigue.

Watch Product Video

Experience unmatched comfort, efficiency, and reliability with the ETG Stand-Up Counterbalanced. Watch our product video to see these features in action and elevate your warehouse performance today.

Application Type Indoor
Min Lift Capacity 0
Max Lift Capacity 4000
Max Lift Height 276
Min Lift Height 0
Power Type Electric
Primary Function Put Away/Retrieval