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Jungheinrich Order Pickers

An order picker is a type of material handling equipment that picks and delivers materials in storage to fulfill orders. The operator can navigate to the warehouse shelf and retrieve small quantities of the parts needed. Order pickers help warehouses move their products more quickly with little downtime, and the Jungheinrich electric order picker meets this need.

Holt of California has several Jungheinrich order picker models available to purchase, so you can meet your material handling needs.

EKS 314

  • Lift Capacity Up to 3000 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

EKS 210

  • Lift Capacity Up to 2205 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

EKS 412s & 414s

  • Lift Capacity Up to 3000 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

EKM 202

  • Lift Capacity Up to 474 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

EKS 110

  • Lift Capacity Up to 2205 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

Jungheinrich Order Pickers for Sale

Jungheinrich order pickers help operators achieve accurate and productive order picking. Each order picker has an efficient battery life that will last through two shifts on one charge, boosting productivity by eliminating frequent charging.

Jungheinrich has many models for small parts, low-level and medium- to high-level picking applications, so you can find a machine that will work in your warehouse. Holt of California has several Jungheinrich order picker forklifts available, including:

Small Parts Jungheinrich Order Pickers

The small parts order picker is a compact machine with high travel speeds to help operators retrieve the parts they need on the warehouse shelf. Our small parts pickers include:

  • EKM 202
  • ECE M27-M36
  • EKS 412S and 414S
  • AGV


Low-Level Jungheinrich Order Pickers

This order picker model is designed for picking inventory from the first through third levels of a rack up to 15 feet high. The counterbalanced unit can handle loads up to 2,200 pounds. The low-level order picker in our inventory is the EKS 110.

Mid-to-High-Level Jungheinrich Order Pickers

Mid-to-high-level order pickers by Jungheinrich are used on high racks in warehouses. They can lift 3,000 pounds nearly 20 feet high. The narrow chassis also easily navigates very small aisles. Holt of California has the EKS 208/308 model from Jungheinrich available to purchase in this size.

High-Level Jungheinrich Order Pickers

High-level order pickers offer the maximum load capacity and picking height — up to 3,000 pounds and 30.5 feet. They're useful in areas with high-density storage or applications that need a high pick rate. We have the EKS 314 model available as a high-level order picker.

Partner With Holt of California for Your Jungheinrich Electric Order Picker

Holt of California has served customers in the north-central California region for more than 80 years. Our inventory includes new equipment from Jungheinrich and other reputable brands. We also have used machinery and rental equipment, so there is a solution for every budget. Our technicians will provide fleet assessments and maintenance to keep your order picker in its best shape. You can count on our team to provide your warehouse with the material handling equipment and services you need.

Learn More About Our Order Picker Forklifts by Jungheinrich

With extended run times and efficient performance, your warehouse can rely on a Jungheinrich order picker to increase your productivity by moving products faster. Holt of California has the order picker forklifts from Jungheinrich to get the job done. Look through our models and options, and contact us online for more information.