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Our Jungheinrich Pallet Trucks for Sale

Jungheinrich has a wide selection of pallet trucks available, so you can select the type that is best for your material handling needs. For products that are heavy and in large quantity, use a walkie pallet truck, which has a high load capacity and excellent maneuverability. We also have powered pallet trucks for more difficult transportation applications.

Holt of California has the following pallet truck models available:

Sit-On Low-Lift Jungheinrich Pallet Trucks

The sit-on pallet truck has two forks to carry palleted loads, and the operator is seated behind it for horizontal transport. Its 24-volt drive motor delivers top speeds and quick acceleration for excellent productivity. This pallet truck is best for material transport over medium to long distances due to operator comfort and high visibility.

Walkie Jungheinrich Pallet Trucks

Our walkie pallet trucks are electric-powered machines that can load and unload trailers and transport palleted goods over short and medium distances. The models have 4,500- and 6,000-pound capacities to efficiently carry the heaviest loads in your facility. The truck's features include roll-back protection for inclined areas and stepless speed control.

Jungheinrich Powered Pallet Trucks

The Jungheinrich ride-on pallet truck is as maneuverable as a stand-on forklift and has the compactness of a walkie pallet truck. Its weight capacity is 5,500 pounds, so it can efficiently handle almost all loads. Use this equipment for loading and unloading, load transportation and order picking anywhere in your warehouse.

Jungheinrich Walkie End-Rider Pallet Trucks

The walkie pallet truck boosts productivity as an ergonomic and efficient material handling equipment option. The operator stands on the end and maneuvers the machine using controls. Our models are available in 6,000- and 8,000-pound capacities. Applications for the walkie end rider include order picking, material transportation and dock operations.

Center Control Rider Jungheinrich Pallet Trucks

In the center control rider model, the operator stands at the front, and forks extend out the back to transport palleted materials. This machine is built for high drive to provide maximum efficiency in demanding environments. Its maximum lift height is 8 inches, and its lift capacity is 8,000 pounds.

Why Choose Holt of California for Your Power Pallet Truck by Jungheinrich?

Holt of California has served the north-central California area for more than 80 years. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best equipment solutions and services available. We have new Jungheinrich pallet trucks as well as used and rental equipment, so there is a machinery option for all budgets. We also support our customers through heavy equipment repairs and maintenance.

Contact Us About Our Jungheinrich Pallet Truck Inventory

Holt of California has several pallet trucks from Jungheinrich to suit your material transportation needs. We have a solution for all material handling applications in our inventory. Browse our Jungheinrich electric pallet truck selection today and contact us for more information about each model.