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Jungheinrich Reach Trucks

Reach trucks have the material handling capabilities of a forklift with the maneuverability of a hand pallet jack. The reach trucks by Jungheinrich are compact and have a large lifting capacity, so they can handle all loads in any area of your warehouse or distribution center.

If you are looking for a Jungheinrich reach truck for sale, Holt of California has the selection you are looking for.

ETV/ETM 210/216

  • Lift Capacity Up to 3500 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

ETV 318/320/325 & ETM 325

  • Lift Capacity Up to 5500 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

ETV Q20/Q25

  • Lift Capacity Up to 5500 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

ETV C16/C20

  • Lift Capacity Up to 4400 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

ETR 214-316d

  • Lift Capacity Up to 4500 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

ETV 110/112

  • Lift Capacity Up to 5500 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

Our Reach Trucks by Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich has supplied durable and reliable reach trucks for more than 60 years. The primary advantage of the brand's models is the reach capability. The forks can move forward to get under the pallet, then pull back toward the cab for transport. This design allows reach trucks to be short and agile with excellent driving stability.

Holt of California has several reach truck models available:

Moving Mast Jungheinrich Reach Trucks

On a moving mast reach truck, the entire mast moves forward to reach the load while keeping the same load center. This model offers the best stability since the load center of gravity is close to the mast. This type of reach truck from Jungheinrich has a capacity capability of up to 5,500 pounds and is suitable for many industries. It's powered by three-phase AC technology for steering, lifting and driving for control over directional changes and speed.

Our moving mast reach truck models include:

  • ETV/ETM 214/216
  • ETV 110/112
  • ETV Q20/Q25
  • ETV C16/C20
  • ETV 318/320/325 and ETM 325


Pantograph Jungheinrich Reach Trucks

Pantograph reach trucks have a scissor-like reach mechanism to move the forks forward from the mast, which changes the machine's center of gravity. This design is best for applications requiring equipment that can reach deeply and navigate tight spaces. These trucks by Jungheinrich can also access goods at high lift heights in narrow aisles.

Our pantograph reach truck model from Jungheinrich is part of the ETR series — models include the 230, 235, 340, 345 and 335D. It uses the innovative ProTrac suspension system to make driving safer and more comfortable on rough terrain. Certain options can reach up to two pallets deep.

Why Get a Jungheinrich Reach Truck From Holt of California?

Holt of California has served the material handling equipment needs of north-central California for more than 80 years. We carry reach trucks by Jungheinrich as well as other heavy equipment options from this reputable brand and many others. Our inventory accommodates a wide range of budgets with used equipment and rental options available, including forklift attachments. We are proud to be your partner in heavy equipment solutions and are dedicated to giving you top products and customer service.

Reach Trucks by Jungheinrich for Sale at Holt of California

Jungheinrich reach trucks use the latest technology and designs to last longer, handle any transportation task and stay comfortable for the operator. Improve your productivity with a reach truck from Holt of California. Browse our Jungheinrich reach trucks and contact us for more information.