Jungheinrich Turret Trucks

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Jungheinrich Turret Trucks

A turret truck is a type of counterbalanced fork truck with an articulating carriage that allows the forks to rotate to each side. With this design, turret trucks can carry pallets in warehouses with very narrow aisles. Turret trucks are also useful in facilities with high storage density. Overall, Jungheinrich turret trucks make material handling easier with their maneuverability and performance.

We have several Jungheinrich turret trucks for sale at Holt of California that can navigate narrow aisles and tight spaces to transport palleted materials.

EFX 411-414

  • Lift Capacity Up to 3000 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

EKX 410-412

  • Lift Capacity Up to 2600 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

EKX 514/516k/516

  • Lift Capacity Up to 3500 lbs.
  • Engine Type Electric

Our Turret Trucks by Jungheinrich

The Jungheinrich turret truck is versatile and efficient for material handling in very narrow-aisle warehouses as small as 60 inches. With Warehouse Navigation technology, operators can take advantage of semiautomatic navigation to increase their productivity. In addition to productivity, these turret trucks are stable and ergonomic for operator comfort due to a spacious compartment. These machines also run efficiently with one battery charge covering two shifts.

Holt of California has these turret truck models in our inventory:

Man-Down Jungheinrich Turret Trucks

A man-down turret truck has the storage density capabilities of man-up trucks in a sit-down counterbalanced unit. Increase your productivity and capabilities with a machine that can lift up to 23 feet to retrieve loads up to 2,750 pounds. This truck is also used in warehouses with very narrow aisles.

We have the EFX 410-413 model in our inventory. Its battery is electronically monitored and locked to prevent the truck from driving when it is not engaged.

Man-Up Jungheinrich Turret Trucks

Man-up turret trucks from Jungheinrich are a flexible and efficient material handling solution. This high-rack turret truck can be used to put away and retrieve full pallets and individual boxes alike. The three-phase AC motor offers both power and acceleration for productivity and low maintenance requirements for decreased ownership costs.

We have two man-up turret trucks — EKX 410-412 and EKX 514/516K/516. The EKX 410-412 turret truck has a maximum lift capacity of 2,600 pounds and a height of up to 30 feet, whereas the EKX 514/516K/516 model can lift 3,500 pounds to 56 feet.

Partner With Holt of California for Your Jungheinrich Turret Truck

Holt of California is your partner for all your material handling equipment and services. We have served the north-central California region for more than 80 years with superior machinery and customer satisfaction. Our extensive inventory includes newused and rental equipment, so there are options for every budget. Our team will help you find a Jungheinrich turret truck that is best suited for your application.

Learn More About Our Jungheinrich Turret Trucks for Sale

The turret trucks by Jungheinrich can navigate tight areas in your warehouse to efficiently complete material handling tasks. Holt of California has the turret trucks and other heavy equipment you need for your warehouse or job site. Browse our Jungheinrich turret trucks and contact us online for more information about each model.