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Jungheinrich Walkie Stackers

Walkie stackers are material handling machines with the maneuverability of walkie pallet trucks and excellent lift height capabilities. The operator walks behind the unit and uses controls to load and unload pallets and transport them around the facility. Holt of California has several models from Jungheinrich that will boost productivity in your warehouse.

Our Walkie Stackers by Jungheinrich

The Jungheinrich walkie stacker can tackle nearly any material handling application, including light and heavy loads and multilevel stacking options. Between the ergonomic features for operator comfort and AC technology in the controls, the walkie stacker can result in greater productivity and efficiency.

Holt of California has these models in our inventory:

EJC 212-220 and EJC 212B-220B

The fork-over and walkie straddle stackers from Jungheinrich feature a sturdy chassis and hydraulic motor to handle medium to heavy multilevel stacking applications. This series ranges in lift capacity from 2,600 to 4,400 pounds, and all models have a lift height of up to 17 feet.

EJG 212-216

This counterbalanced walkie stacker is highly maneuverable in confined areas. Use it for cantilever-type storage racking, sideways pallet lifting and handling special load sizes incompatible with most arm walkie stackers. Lift capacities range from 2,600 to 3,500 pounds.

EKS 215A

This walkie stacker is an automated guided vehicle (AGV) that uses mechanical engineering and innovative automation to complete vertical picking orders. Since it works automatically, you can complete operations efficiently and dedicate your resources to other tasks.


The EMC B10 walkie stacker is designed for efficient performance and operator safety. This walkie stacker by Jungheinrich is best for applications with a short lift height, such as stacking palleted loads onto the first level of a rack. Its maximum lift height is 82 inches, and its maximum lift capacity is 3,500 pounds.

EMC B10/EMC 110

This Jungheinrich walkie stacker is a user-friendly machine that is productive, efficient and secure. The unit has a capacity of 2,200 pounds and a short head for easy operation in confined areas. It's operated using a long handle that has low steering forces.

ERC 212-220 and ERC 212B-220B

This walkie stacker series by Jungheinrich has a three-phase AC drive motor that provides excellent performance with minimal operating costs. The motor requires low energy consumption to save energy. This machine is also maneuverable and ergonomic for operators with the option to ride on.

Why Purchase a Jungheinrich Walkie Stacker From Holt of California?

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Learn More About Our Jungheinrich Walkie Stackers for Sale

Holt of California has a wide range of walkie stackers from Jungheinrich for your material handling needs. Add these efficient machines to your fleet today by browsing our selection online. For more information about each model, contact us.