New Kalmar Lift Trucks

Kalmar heavy lift trucks, dependable and durable machines prized on many job sites, are available for purchase at Holt of California. With our range of options, you are sure to find a model that has everything you need to get the job done day after day.

Browse through the Kalmar heavy lift truck options on our website, and contact us if you want to learn more about a particular model.

Kalmar 11,000-19,800 Lift Trucks


Kalmar’s ECF50-90L electric range of pneumatic tire forklifts bring to you winning performance with modern technology. These forklifts are designed to provide you with a more responsible environmental solution with optimized energy consumption as well as improved economy. Many innovative features have been built into this forklift thanks to Kalmar’s long experience in the material handling business as well as with close collaboration with customers.


ECF50-6 ECF5-6 ECF60-6 ECF60-6C ECF70-6
Capacity lb. 11,000 12,100 13,200 15,400
Load Center in. 24
Wheelbase in. 82.7 96.5 74.8 96.5
Lift Height w/Full Capacity in. 157



ECF70-6C ECF75-6 ECF80-6 ECF80-9 ECF90-6L
Capacity lb. 15,400 16,500 17,600 19,800
Load Center in. 24 36 24
Wheelbase in. 74.8 102.4 110.2
Lift Height w/Full Capacity in. 157

Kalmar 20,000-40,000 Lift Trucks

KALMAR 20,000-40,000 LB CAPACITY

KALMAR DCG90 – 180

Kalmar’s DCG90-180 series of forklifts offer greater lifetime savings by improving the performance of the truck-and-driver teams. With a lifting capacity range between 20,000-40,000 lbs., each forklift is designed, built and delivered to keep truck uptime and drive productivity levels high.


Capacity (lb)20,00022,00026,00028,00031,00033,00022,000
Load Center (in)2448
Wheelbase (in)110118128
Lift Height w/Full Capacity (in)197


Capacity (lb)26,00033,00036,00040,000
Load Center (in)4824364824
Wheelbase (in)138148
Lift Height w/Full Capacity (in)197276

Kalmar 40,000-115,000 Lift Trucks

KALMAR 40,000 – 115,000 LB CAPACITY KALMAR DCF180-520

Kalmar’s 40,000-115,000 lb. capacity forklifts are backed by more than 50 years of experience in heavy material handling. These machines deliver top of the line performance from every aspect. From reliability, low operational cost and the ability to tailor these lift trucks for customers and operations, Kalmar forklifts are hard to beat.



Capacity (lb)40,00044,00048,00055,00060,50065,00080,00080,00090,000100,000110,000115,000
Load Center (in)48
Wheelbase (in)157167177187197217236236.2
Lift Height w/Full Capacity (in)217276394

Kalmar Lift Trucks for Sale in California

Kalmar has manufactured forklifts and other industrial equipment since 1949. Though their headquarters are in Finland, you can get their innovative technology here at Holt of California.

With the variety of forklifts that Kalmar has produced, you can select a model that has exactly what you need for your application. They have many styles of lift trucks available, with weight capacities of the various models ranging from 11,000 pounds to 158,500 pounds. Among these, there are electric and gas-powered models, each suitable for diverse applications.

Across many of the models and designs of Kalmar forklifts, you’ll find a variety of efficient features such as:

  • All-around visibility for safe operation
  • A reversible hydraulic fan to remove dust particles from the radiator
  • An engine that gives maximum power with minimal fuel usage
  • Electric and hydraulic systems to lift loads faster
  • A cover to protect the battery (electric models)
  • Easy-to-access maintenance points
  • Optimization for indoor and outdoor jobs

With the Kalmar lift truck options available on our website, you’re sure to find a model that has all the specs you need.

Why Purchase Your Kalmar Heavy Lift Truck From Holt of California?

Holt of California has worked in this industry for over 80 years, serving clients in California. We are an official Cat® dealer, and we also sell equipment from other leading brands, including Kalmar. We stand behind the innovation and durability of our equipment, whether it is new, used or rental. Holt of California offers products of the highest quality because we believe that our clients deserve only the best.

If you ever have any issues with your Kalmar lift truck, Holt of California can help with that too. We have parts for forklifts that will restore your machine’s function quickly, so you can get back to work. To prevent future problems and keep things in working order, we also have many service plans, including 24-hour emergency service.

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Holt of California has the most extensive selection of Kalmar lift trucks near you. A Kalmar heavy lift truck, when used with our parts and services, makes for a combination that ensures your equipment will last a long time.

Get your Kalmar lift truck for sale at Holt of California today and see what these capable machines can do for your fleet. Search through the options on our website to see what we offer within your specifications. To learn more about our equipment, you can also contact us by filling out the form on our website.

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