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The Linde series of EW & EWR electric pallet jacks are designed for dependability and productivity. The electric pallet trucks are made with quality materials and match the motor to the drive system. The GE transistor travel controls combined with the G.E. SEM drive motor delivers unbeatable truck control and performance with unrivalled energy efficiency.

Operator Comfort & Safety

Operators of Linde’s EWR electric rider pallet jack models are provided the maximum in comfort and productivity thanks to the design of these pallet trucks. The EWR models feature large, fully-cushioned operator platforms and soft-touch, over-molded hand-hold rails. These electric rider pallet trucks are also equipped with soft-touch operator accelerator control twist grips and adjustable control handle return springs for added operator comfort.

The over-molded driver hand-hold rail on the EWR rider pallet jacks feature insulated soft-touch texture and are equipped with the same sealed push button switches as the control handle, plus a high-speed selector button.

Both left and right-handed drivers are provided plenty of foot room, which is provided by the cushion-mat-covered ride platform. Offered as standard equipment, two massive spring-loaded stability casters help operators handle loads quickly and confidently. These casters have maximum corrosion protection as they are yellow zinc-plated and have nickel-plated bearing seal protectors.


Linde’s line of EW and EWR electric pallet trucks equipped with 24-volt power feature G.E. (SEM) separately excited drive motors for high performance. These motors feature class-H insulation, are open-ventilated for efficient energy use and cool operation.

The EW and EWR electric pallet jacks are also fitted with heavy-duty, bottom-mounted Kordel drive units that feature a top seat turntable bearing with encapsulated ball bearings, which are easily lubricated from the top down. These high-capacity drive units provide maximum lift and dependability thanks to heat-treated, chromium alloy steel gears.

Linde’s EW and EWR electric pallet jacks are available with both single and double pallet handling applications. All pallet truck forks feature wide skid bars, sloped toes and bolt-on pallet entry and exit rollers for improved performance.

All 24-volt EW and EWR trucks also come standard with microprocessor-based G.E. transistor travel controls. These ultramodern electronic controls eliminate forward/reverse contactors, numerous relays, resistors and diodes. Three unique speed limits, anti-rollback, regenerative braking, high-speed lock-in and high-speed anti-tape down are standard control features. The controls are fully programmable, allow for specific application requirements and feature diagnostic capabilities with stored fault codes.

The top-mounted control handles of the EW and EWR series electric pallet trucks feature a heavy-duty cast design. Travel direction and speed are controlled by soft-touch accelerator twist grips, which feature automatic return to neutral. Integral, easy-to-use push button control switches actuate the lift, lower and horn functions. These pallet jacks basic controls can be operated by both left and right-handed operators without needing to have them remove their hands from the roller grips. Reverse travel direction is automatic when the reversing switch, located at the end of the control handle, is actuated.

These pallet trucks have four methods for smooth, controlled braking. Operators can apply the brakes when the control handle is in either the vertical and horizontal position, or by reversing the accelerator twist grips to activate regenerative braking. Finally, when the control handle is released by the operator, a spring automatically returns the handle to the vertical position which applies the brake and interrupts travel power.

A Barnes integral hydraulic pump and motor assembly is mounted vertically to the EW & EWR series pallet jacks. This hydraulic system features a large translucent poly tank that can be sight-checked for the hydraulic oil level.


Linde’s EW and EWR series of electric pallet jacks feature all seam-welded unitized constructed frames. Plate steel, contoured to shape, provides rigid strength, maximum durability and protects all vital components. These pallet trucks frame and forks are joined by four heavy-duty structural “L” brackets, which are welded into a rigid unit. The forks are fully integrated with a heavy-duty one-piece design, with both formed and channel fork designs being utilized. Further adding to the strength of the frame is the battery compartment, which is an integral part of the chassis and fork assembly.

High strength, solid steel 1-inch thick rectangular tie bars connect the load wheel shackles to the lifting toggles on these pallet trucks, while the 7/8-inch diameter linkage pins and Teflon coated/oil-impregnated linkage bushings are designed to withstand severe shock and stress. Full-width load wheels are supported by durable cast steel shackles pivoting on exclusive 7-inch wide bearing blocks and Zerk grease fittings are standard for fast lubrication and are accessible while the truck is in the upright position.

Also featured on the EW & EWR series electric pallet jacks are glass-filled polyurethane motor compartment covers. The clam shell style covers are a product of the latest scientific advances in the field of polyurethane chemistry. Resistant to rust and corrosion, these covers offer superior strength and durability. The covers are made from 100 percent recyclable material, which is the same rugged material used by most large construction machinery OEMs today.

Sealed wiring harness connectors on the controls prevent moisture and contaminants from interrupting the operation of these electric pallet trucks in all environments, and the hydraulic system is well protected and easy to service.

Standard Equipment

  • Fail-safe Brake and Power Cutoff
  • Horn/Key Switch
  • Reversing Switch in Control Handle
  • Lift Cutout at Maximum Fork Height
  • Bolt-on Pallet Entry/Exit Rollers
  • High-speed Travel Lock-in
  • High-speed Anti-tape-down
  • On-board Diagnostics
  • Sealed Harness Connectors
  • Yellow Zinc-plated Stability Casters

Standard Equipment on 24-volt Models Only

  • GE Transistor Travel Control
  • GE SEM Drive Motor
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Ramp Anti-rollback

Optional Equipment

  • Package Guard
  • Battery Compartment Rollers
  • Storage Tray
  • Coast Control
  • Easy Pick System
  • Cold Storage/Corrosion Protection

Optional Equipment on 24-volt Models Only

  • Multifunction Dash Display
  • U.L. EE Construction
Specifications EW 60 EW 80 EWR 60 EWR 80
Load Capacity 6,000 8,000 6,000 8,000
Width 31.5 31.5 36 36
Travel Speed Loaded/Unloaded 2.6/3.5 2.6/3.5 5.75/8 5.75/8
Power Unit 12V or 24V 12V or 24V 12V or 24V 12V or 24V