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Linde designed the EWS 40 stacker with the aid of the latest methods, FEM (Finite Element Modeling) and CAD (Computer Assisted Design). Built with quality materials and by matching the motor to the gear train, the EWS40 stacker provides excellent performance, dependability and low-energy consumption. These stackers also feature universal pallet forks and class II hook-type mounting.

Operator Control

A multifunction, dual-roller grip handle controls both travel direction and speed, while push buttons or a lever controls the lifting and lowering of the load on these Linde stackers. Operators can select both the stacker’s speed and direction by rotating the fluted rollers by hand or thumb. A spring return-to-neutral feature is included on the control and is activated when the control is released. A reversing switch, located at the end of the steering handle, automatically reverses the stacker’s travel direction should it come in contact with an object.


The Linde EWS stacker is available with either a 12-volt or 24-volt motor. Both are Class H high-performance motors, series wound and open-ventilated for energy efficiency and cool operation. The drive motor’s armature shaft gear is coupled directly to precision-machined, double-reduction spur gears to transfer power to the drive tire. An integral hydraulic power unit is self-contained on these Linde stackers, designed to eliminate unnecessary oil lines and fittings. The hydraulic system is powered by an externally mounted pump motor and has Class-F insulation.

The 12-volt Linde EWS40 stacker comes with a PMC transistor control system while the 24-volt stacker comes with a SEM transistor control system. Both are designed to deliver peak performance and modern high-tech simplicity. These systems also ensure efficient, infinite control from zero to maximum speed, smooth and sensitive acceleration plus deceleration, have high efficiency per battery change and protection the stacker’s electronic components. These transistor controllers provide more efficient cost-effective performance and torque control as compared to SCR systems and reduce motor and battery losses. The transistor systems also increase the Linde stacker’s range and cycle time per battery charge.

MOSFET transistor modules control the stacker’s travel to deliver high performance and maximum efficiency.


The frame of Linde’s stackers will not distort under even the most severe operating conditions because heavy steel plates are welded into a rigid unitized structure. In addition, the outriggers of these stackers are welded into the mast support members as an integral part of the chassis. The carriage is constructed from alloy steel plates and is mounted on large load rollers with antifriction bearings and side thrust rollers.

The high visibility mast has a rolled alloy C-channel for maximum strength and chrome-plated pistons. Rugged, welded steel crossbracing provides a rigid assembly to resist distortion from off-center loads. Permanently sealed roller bearings are used in the mast to also provide for off-center loads, as well as friction reduction and ease of maintenance.

Smooth, controlled braking can be accomplished when the steering handle is in a vertical or horizontal position. These stackers can also be stopped electrically through plugging, which is when, should the control handle be is released, a spring returns the handle to the vertical position, applying the brake and cutting travel power.

When operators apply the brake a switch is activated which disrupts current to the traction control on these stackers. A set of internal expanding brake shoes applies pressure to the brake drum mounted on the drive motor’s armature shaft, a design that takes advantage of the full gear reduction of the drive unit, providing easier braking and longer lining life. With the brake mounted on the external position of the drive motor, routine maintenance and services are accomplished quickly.


Linde built the EWS40 stacker to last. All electric, electronic and hydraulic components are mounted in the chassis for easy access. Load wheels are mounted in steel housing and protected by tapered, enclosed tips. And no valves, oil lines or electrical components are located under the chassis or battery.

All gears on the EWS 40 are heat treated, chromium-alloy steel, providing maximum life and dependability. The gears are also immersed in an oil bath to reduce friction and wear. The gear train is protected by a tough, web-reinforced casting which rotates on four tapered roller bearings. The drive tire can be easily removed by removing the wheel hub nuts for routine inspection or replacement.

Standard Equipment

  • Curtis PMC Transistor Control Travel (12V Only)
  • G.E. SEM Transistor Control (24V Only)
  • Non-articulating Drive Unit
  • Fail-safe Brake with Power Cut-off
  • Key Switch
  • 48” Load Backrest
  • 42” Forks
  • 4” x 3” Tandem Poly Load Wheels
  • x 5” Poly Drive Tire
  • Safety Spring Return Handle
  • Single Spool Valve with Lever and Push-button Lift and Lower
  • Impact Resistant Covers
  • Mast Screen
  • Traction Speed Reduction Above 17.5” Lift
  • SB175 Yellow Connector (12V Only)
  • SB175 Red Connector (24V Only)
  • Battery Discharge Indicator with Lift Interrupt (24V Only)

Optional Equipment

  • Travel/Back-up Alarm (Forks First Travel)
  • Travel/Back-up Flashing Lights
  • Hour Meter, BDI Unigage, Unigage with Interrupt (12V Only)
  • Cold Storage and Corrosion Protection
  • Battery Compartment Rollers with Side-gates
  • GE Dash Display.
Model EWS40 (12 volts) EWS40 (24 volts)
Power Unit Electric Electric
Operation Walkie Walkie
Load Capacity (lbs) 4000 4000
Load Center (Lc in) 24 24
Weight, including minimum battery (lbs) 3421 3832
Axle Load, with load front/rear (lbs) 2520/4901 2342/5490
Axle Load, without load front/rear (lbs) 2246/1175 2483/1349
Tires  Poly Poly
Wheels, number front/rear (x=driven) 1x /4 1x /4
Tire size, drive (front) 10x5 10x5
Tire size, lad (rear) 4x2.875 4x2.875
Carriage, class/width (in) II/31.0 II/31.0
Optional carriage, class/width (in) II/37.0 II/37.0
Wheelbase (in) 59.1 64.6
Load backrest height (in) 48 48
Total Length (in) 72.2 77.7
Overall Width (in) 33.5 33.5
Fork lowered height (in) 2.00 2.00
Fork dimensions (TxLxW3) (in) 1.5x4x42 1.5x4x42
Head length (in) 39.9 45.4
Ground Clearance under load outrigger (in) 1.6 1.6
Turning Radius (in) 68.8 74.4
Travel Speed, with/without load (mph) 2.5/2.9 2.5/2.9
Lifting speed, with/without load (fpm) 15/30 25/40
Lowering speed-leve, with/without laod (fpm) 65/55 65/55
Lowering speed-button, with/without load (fpm) 10/15 10/15
Steering: power, manual Manual Manual
Brake System, mechanical/hydraulic, eelctric Mechanical Mechanical
Parking Brake Fail-safe fail-safe
Battery Compartment (LxW - Open Top) (in) 8.2531.9 13.8x31.9
Voltage (V) 12 24
Amp Hours, recommended (Ah) 600 510
Battery weight (minimum) (lbs) 325 975
Drive motor, 60 min rating (hp) 1.3 3.6
Drive motor size (diameter) (in) 6.63 6.63
Pump motor size (diameter) (in) 4.3 4.3
Pump motor rating (hp) 4.6 5.4
Travel Control PMC CEM
Speed Control Infinetly Variable Infinitely Variable
Hydraulic Control Contactor Contactor