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  • Separately excited traction motor (SEM)
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Full programmable
  • Heavy duty pantograph design
  • Tru-view mast
  • Top mounted control handle
  • Glass-filled polyurethane compartment covers


  • Precise control of travel and load handling
  • Provides feedback to operator via status codes
  • Tailor truck to application & ease of future readjustment
  • Greater durability & stability during load handling
  • Provides high visibility for operation
  • Better turning radius, ease of steering
  • Flexible & extremely durable


  • Troubleshooting simplicity & battery energy savings
  • Increased versatility/productivity
  • Decreased pallet damage
  • Decreased product damage
  • Increased up-time, low maintenance
  • Increased operator safety & control
  • Maintenance costs reduced


  • All components are conveniently mounted in the chassis
  • Easy component access
  • Wear free PMC/SEM systems, reduced maintenance
  • Drive tire easily removed for inspection/replacement
Model EWX30 24V
Power unit electric
Operation walkie
Load Capacity (lb) 3000
Load Center (in) 24
Weight, including min. battery (retracted) (lb) 4650
Axle load, with load, front/rear (lb) 5350/2300
Axle load, without load, front/rear (lb) 1975/2675
Tire type front/rear P/P
No. of wheels, front/rear (x=driven) 1x/4
Tire size, drive (front) (in) 10x5
Tire size, load (rear) (in) 4x2.8
Reach dimensions 23.8
Carriage, class/width (in) II/33.0
Load backest height (in) 48
Wheelbase (in) 61.3
Total length (in) 92
Overall width (in) 33.5
Fork lowered height (in) 2.25
Fork dimensions (in) 1.5x4x42
Tilt of fork (up/down) (degrees) 4/3
ead length (in) 50
Ground clearance, under load outrigger 9in) 1.6
Turning radius (in) 71
Min. aisle width (48"x48" pallet) (in) 101.8
Min. aisle width (40"x48" pallet) (in) 94.8
Travel speed, with/without load (mph) 3.2/3.3
Lifting speed, with/without load (fpm) 36/45
Lowering speed - lever, with/without load (fpm) 53/53
Lowering speed - button, with/without load (fpm) 9/13
Steering type Manual
Brake system Mechanical
Parking Brake Fail-safe
Battery compartment LxW - Open Top (in) 13.8x31.9
Voltage (V) 24
Amp Hours, recommended (Ah) 600
Battery weight min/max (lb) 975/1200
Drive motor, 60 min rating (hp) 3.6
Drive motor size (diameter) (in) 6.9
Drive motor size (diameter) (in) 4.3
Pump moor, 15 min. rating  hp 5.4
Travel Contol SEM
Speed control Infinitely Variable
Hydraulic Control Contactor