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Linde is an industrial equipment manufacturer that has several dependable forklift options on the market. At Holt of California, we have many lines of Linde machines available for purchase. See the different options we have on our website and contact us to learn more about the trucks that interest you.

Our Linde Forklift Trucks for Sale

Holt of California sells multiple lines of Linde forklifts. Choose the option that works best for your job site and requirements:


The electronic forklifts by Lindelift and transport loads safely and effectively. The powerful electric charge keeps these forklifts going all day long. These machines are powered by two independent wheel motors, making them easy to maneuver.

IC Trucks

Linde forklifts that run on an internal combustion engine give the operator precise control over lifting the loads and driving them around the warehouse or outdoor facility. Features like dual pedals mean that the operator can work quicker and get more done in the workday.

Reach Trucks

Reach trucks are best at retrieving items and maneuvering through tight spaces, and that is especially true of Linde's equipment. They are known for displaying a mobility that makes working in cramped quarters possible.

Narrow Aisle Trucks

Some facilities have small working spaces, so Linde's narrow aisle trucks are the perfect solution. Their machines are designed to keep the operator safe and provide the power necessary to lift and move pallets off the shelving.

Pallet Trucks

For workspaces where a vehicle just won't fit, use a Linde pallet truck. These hand-operated machines will steer even the heaviest loads through your facility with precision and ease.

Tow Tractors

Linde tow tractors will handle the job of transporting many items at once. The trailers store many packages, and the vehicles can drive through tight spaces and across uneven terrain.

Features of Linde Forklifts

Linde is one of the world's largest manufacturers for warehouse equipment and forklift trucks, which they have produced for over 50 years. This commitment to innovation means that you can trust your Linde forklifts to work to their full potential shift after shift.

With Linde forklifts on your fleet, you'll enjoy features like:

  • Easy maneuverability for tight spaces
  • All-around visibility for the operator's safety
  • Rugged durability to withstand challenging applications and adverse environments

Why Choose Holt of California as Your Linde Forklift Dealer?

For over 80 years, Holt of California has provided clients with equipment from industry-leading manufacturers as well as services to keep this machinery in its finest shape. Our Linde forklift trucks for sale are in top condition and priced competitively, making us the premier Linde forklift dealer in California.

Whether you're looking for a new Linde forklift for sale or another line of equipment, Holt of California has what you need. 

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For the best Linde forklift dealer near you — with the most extensive selection — choose Holt of California. We have the equipment and services that you need, all at affordable prices. Learn more about the products on our website and contact us for more information

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