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For tight spaces in your warehouse where you need the moving capabilities of a forklift, consider adding a reach truck to your fleet. Holt of California has many electric reach trucks for sale, so browse the options on our website and contact us to learn more about our models

Reach Trucks

Our Forklift Reach Trucks for Sale

A reach lift is a forklift designed for narrow aisleways. They can lift and maneuver loads on pallets in racks, and many feature deep reach shelving capabilities up to two pallets deep. The operator stands up while using the machine. A warehouse reach truck has:

  • Two outer legs that distribute the load
  • One or two sets of wheels in the back below the operator
  • Two forks out the side of the machine for right-angle stacking
  • A pantograph (scissor mechanism) for forward extension of the forks

This machine works well in narrow aisles because of where the load sits on the truck and the fork positioning. When the electric reach truck retrieves a pallet load, it shifts the load back within the wheelbase. This positioning means that less of the load is protruding from the reach truck. Because the forks are at a right angle out the side of the truck, there is no need for the machine to turn.

Features of the Reach Truck Machine

Among the warehouse reach trucks available at Holt of California, we have models that:

  • Have a reach height of 24 feet or more
  • Fit in an aisle as narrow as 8 feet wide
  • Have a load capacity of 2,200 to 5,500 pounds

An industrial reach truck works well in applications where:

  • Cube utilization matters
  • Selectivity is a factor
  • Loads are stacked very high
  • First in/first out (FIFO) or first in/last out (FILO) systems are in place
  • You need to make aisleways narrower and taller to create more storage space

Because of their height capabilities and small footprint, the reach truck is a unique indoor material handling machine.

Choose Holt of California for Your Reach Truck Forklift

If you need to add a reach truck to your fleet, start with the selection at Holt of California. Because we are the Cat® dealer for the area, we are the only place in the north-central California region that has reach lift forklifts and other machinery by Caterpillar® for sale. Cat products have a reputation for quality and durability, so you can trust that your Cat reach truck will be dependable at the job site. We also sell equipment from allied brands like Mitsubishi, Clark and Linde.

At Holt of California, we also have an online parts store and various maintenance services to resolve mechanical issues with machinery of any brand.

Buy Your New Reach Truck Today

For your reach truck machine needs, come to Holt of California, your local dealer for products by Caterpillar and other allied brands. Look at the reach trucks for sale on our website, and click on each option to see its specs. To learn more about our reach lift trucks, fill out our contact form and a representative will be in touch with the information you need.