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Linde K Modular

Model Designations: 10/13/15

Load Capacity: 2,200-3,300 lbs.

No Specifications are available as Linde K Modular Turret Trucks are built to application specific quotes.

Linde believes that handling more goods, more flexibly, in less time will be the key to future success in warehouses. Commercial advantage will depend increasingly upon having the most capable, agile and efficient logistics operation in place as storage space costs continue to rise. That’s why Linde’s experienced VNA team can provide you with the logistics expertise you need to scope requirements accurately, increase productivity and lower both your operating and lifetime costs by helping you design and built a Linde K Modular turret truck to you specific needs.

Linde’s K Modular turret trucks have such a large range of specification options that potentially 500,000 configurations are possible. With mast configurations that reach lift heights of up to over 47 feet, these turret trucks can be built to meet virtually every narrow aisle requirement. All K Modular turret trucks are designed for high-level pallet load storage and retrieval, as well as for single item picking or mixed applications. With an exceptional pedigree, these turret trucks offer a modular design and adaptability. These trucks have a wide choice of power packs for outstanding performance, an electronic speed optimization system that maximizes productivity, and a unique operator-oriented design that assures operator comfort and efficiency.

Features & Benefits:

  • Works Efficiently in Very Narrow Aisles
  • High Precision for Maximum Productivity
  • Intuitive Control Console
  • Tailored to Your Individual Specifications
  • AC Drive & Lift Motors
  • Forward Mounted Auxiliary Mast
  • On-board Diagnostic Readout
  • All-wheel Brake System
  • Triplex Mast with Free-lift
  • Torsion Resistant, High Rigidity Mast
  • Fast Acceleration, Fast Lift Speed
  • Spacious Unobstructed Operator’s Cab
  • Positive, Stable Deceleration
  • Low Mast Height Combined with Extreme Lift Height
  • Long Battery Life, Less Downtime for Battery Change
  • Flexibility

Operator Comfort & Safety

Linde’s K Modular turret trucks are designed to provide the highest standard for comfort, safety and reliability. Linde K Modular turret trucks offer an ergonomic design, and have with several seat options to choose from including such features as folding, heated, adjustable, air suspension, and armrests. With five operator compartments to choose from, you can be sure your operators will have more space and greater freedom of movement. Even more comfort is provided by the soft floor-covering on which the driver stands on.

The intuitive control console provides instant information on the vehicle status, including operating hours counter, battery charge level, and steering and truck position. Linde designed this control panel to be safely and intuitively operated, with an easy PIN code or key access, touch sensors to ensure safe two-handed operation, and a well organized display.

A low step height provides easy access to the operator’s platform, a generously dimensioned space that offers an optimal and comfortable working position, with upholstered backrest and excellent visibility. The low console makes it very easy to position picked goods on a pallet, and so the operator doesn’t have to keep bending, the pallet can be raised or lowered to the most convenient height using the trucks supplementary lift. The K Modular turret trucks are also designed to avoid vibrations. The driver’s platform is suspension mounted enabling it to absorb shocks and guarantee a safe and comfortable workplace throughout the shift, while also protecting loads from damage.


Choose between 48-volt, 80 volt standard or 80 volt high performance to match travel and lift speed performance to you specific application. Linde’s K Modular turret trucks also can be equipped with battery capacities ranging from 420 to 930 Ah.  A rotating turret head or telescopic traversing forks together with rail or wire guidance for help you match the truck to you existing or new facility.

Depending on the module you select, the chassis length of your K Modular turret truck may be reduced by up to 10 inches, making it compact as compared to conventional trucks. Extremely robust and torsion-resistant, these turret trucks set new standards in rapid guidance acquisition and aisle transfer for narrow aisle trucks as well as reducing end aisle space.

Special to these turret trucks is the Linde System Control (LSC), which calculates in real-time the optimal velocity for the truck according to the weight of the transported load. This way the truck only slows down when it is truly carrying a load and enables operators to always achieve maximum productivity when accelerating, decelerating and placing loads. Depending on operating conditions and safety practices, turret trucks equipped with LSC can deliver up to 30 percent higher performance. The overall benefits of LSC are a dramatic increase in safety, higher load throughput and less damage to the turret trucks and goods.

To ensure an even higher level of productivity, Linde K modular turret trucks are equipped with a height pre-selection function, as well as an automatic fork cycle system which allows for faster and safer load handling. These turret trucks also benefit from two braking systems: one electric regenerative brake is activated when the operator’s hand releases the accelerator or changes direction; the other is a two-stage electromagnetic spring-loaded parking and emergency brake operating on the motor shaft.


Early versions of Linde’s K-range turret trucks as still going strong today, despite long usage. This is because Linde designs each truck for long life; from rugged collision guards to high-rigidity masts and vibration absorbers. The latest trucks from Linde are designed to operate for 20,000 hours. This is because the turret trucks benefit from exceptional reliability and require little servicing and maintenance. In the event of a malfunction, an online diagnosis feature, known as the GPRS optional service, lets the truck report directly to a technician via SMS. This ensures faster repair or spare parts exchange, guaranteeing you have the maximum availability of your truck. Batteries on these turret trucks can easily be replaced using a forklift or roller bed.