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The Linde P 250 tow tractor provides 55,000 lbs. of towing capacity and, when unloaded, can reach speed of up to 16 MPH. This flexible, high performance tow tractor is optimized by the Linde digital AC control system. The AC system provides precise, energy-saving control of acceleration and speed. Excellent maneuverability is achieved via the curved front screen and profiled chassis.


A variety of intensive pulling applications can be achieved with the P 250 tow tractor thanks to two powerful, high torque 10 kW AC drive motors. The Linde AC digital controller is energy-saving and when combined with the P 250 tow tractor’s excellent maneuverability, provides an intuitive interface for the operator. This results in versatile, seamless performance and high productivity.

The P 250 tow tractor from Linde was designed for intense, heavy-duty applications. This tow tractor has a rugged, robot-welded chassis constructed from heavy section steel plate. The design is meant to provide optimal stiffness and has round corners to provide high resistance to impacts. All key components of the P 250 tow tractor are protected within the chassis and electrical components are further housed in sealed aluminum enclosures for added reliability and long life.

Operator Comfort & Safety

Operator safety and comfort is evident from the moment operator’s step into the cab of the P 250 tow tractor via a low step. The layout of the pedals, direction lever, steering wheel and controls along with the fully adjustable suspension seat work together to eliminate operator fatigue. Driving comfort is achieved with cab suspension dampers and a spring damped suspension system both in the front and rear.

The operator is assured protection via the heavy-duty chassis and cab module. Three independent braking systems provide responsive stopping power at all time, including automatic speed control when descending gradients. The P 250 tow tractor also includes a low center of gravity to ensure outstanding stability.

Standard Equipment:

  • Four Wheel Configuration
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • Tractor without Cab
  • Left or Right Hand Drive Steering Position
  • Adjustable Steering Column
  • Comprehensive Integrated Display
  • Single Pedal Accelerator & Direction Lever
  • Full Suspension PVC Driver’s Seat
  • Non-suspension PVC Passenger Seat
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • Two Exterior Mirrors
  • Interior Mirror
  • Interior Light
  • Remote Inching Control
  • Automatic Single Position, Rear Towing Coupling
  • Trailer Lighting Socket
  • Dual Circuit Hydraulic Disc Brakes on All Four Wheels
  • Integrated in Drive Axle with No Differential Required
  • Superb Traction with Anti-slip Control
  • Reduced Power to Inner Wheel During Cornering
  • High-torque Flexibility & Performance
  • Standard Color Scheme of Vermilion & Charcoal Gray
  • 3 Independent Braking Systems
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes (Front)
  • External Disc Brakes (Rear)
  • Regenerative Electric Braking
  • Superb Regenerative Braking Control on Gradients
  • Electric Push-button Parking Brake
  • Keyswitch
  • Emergency Circuit Isolator
  • Fail-to-safe Circuitry
  • Traction Isolated by Seatswitch/Parking Brake
  • Electrical Overload Protection
  • Comprehensive Warning Lights
  • Electric Horn
  • Full Road Lighting
  • Excellent All-around Visibility
  • Driver’s Cab with Safety Glass
  • 80V Circuit
  • 2x10 kW Maintenance-free AC Drive Motors
  • Advanced Linde AC Digital Controller
  • Precise Control of Speed & Acceleration
  • Highly Efficient Energy Saving System
  • Programmable Performance Parameters

Batteries & Chargers:

  • P 250 SWB – 80 V, 400 to 560 Ah to IEC
  • P 250 LWB – 80 V, 600 to 840 Ah to IEC
  • Easy Vertical Lift-out Battery Change
  • A range of chargers is available to suit application and main supply requirements

Optional Equipment:

  • Cab with Flexible Roll-up Sides
  • Cab without Sides
  • Cab with Sliding or Hinged Doors
  • Flashing or Rotating Beacon on Cab
  • Reverse Warning Beeper
  • Contoured Solid, Super-elastic Tires
  • Towing Couplings:
    • Automatic Single Position, Front/Rear
    • Automatic Single Position, Remote, Rear
    • Multi-position, Front/Rea
  • 9” Rear Coupling Extension
  • Electric or Diesel Heater & Demister
  • Fabric-covered Seats
  • Heated Seats
  • Full Suspension Passenger Seat
  • Alternative Color Schemes
Specifications P 250 (SWB) P 250 (LWB)
Power Unit Battery Battery
Operation Seated Seated
Load Capacity 55,000 lbs 50,000 lbs
Rated Drawbar Pull 1,124 lbs 1,124 lbs
Wheelbase 58" 75"
Service Weight 8,378 lbs 10,582 lbs
Axle Load with Load (Front/Rear) 4,409/4,630 lbs 5,732/5,511 lbs
Axle Load without Load (Front/Rear) 4,188/4,188 lbs 5,511/5,070 lbs
Tires Pneumatic Pneumatic
Tires Size, Front 6.00 R9 6.00 R9
Tire Size. Rear 7.00 R12 7.00 R12
Number of Wheels (Front/Rear) 2/2x 2/2x
Track Width, Front 42" 42"
Track Width, Rear 40" 40"
Height of Overhead Guard 72" 72"
Height of Sear/Stand-on Platform 29" 29"
Towing Coupling Height 9" - 16" 9" - 16"
Platform Height (without Load) 39" 39"
Loading PlatformLength 60" 77"
Rear Overhang 24" 24"
Loading Platform Width 46" (44") 46" (44")
Length 120" 137"
Width 51" 51"
Ground Clearance 6" 6"
Turning Radius 111" 129"
Minimum Pivoting Point Distance 37" 43"
Travel Speed with/without Radted Drawbar Pull 7/16 MPH 7/16 MPH
Maximum Drawbar Pull (On Level Ground) 3,597 lbs 3,597 lbs
Service Brake Hydralic/electric Hydraulic/electric
Drive Motor, 60-minute Rating 2x10 Kw 2x10 kW
Battery according to DIN 43531/35/36 A, B, C, no DIN 43536A DIN 43536A
Battery Voltage/Rated Capacoty (5h) 80/560 V/Ah 80/840 V/Ah
Battery Weight 3,434 lbs 4,802 lbs
Type of Drive Control AC Microprocessor AC Microprocessor