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The P60Z is a three-wheel electric tow tractor from Linde ideally suited for a range of industrial applications. It was designed to provide maximum operator comfort, minimize operator fatigue, increase productivity and lower lifetime costs. With a nominal towing capacity of 13,000 lbs and an unloaded traction speed of 11 MPH, the P60Z electric tow tractor also offers an exclusive range of optional equipment to ensure that it is highly versatile and can be adapted to any application. As standard, a multi-position, rear-towing coupling is included and the carrying compartment at the rear of the chassis has a load capacity of 330 lbs.


  • Modern Styling & Powerful Towing Capability
  • Compact, Rugged Design for Excellent Maneuverability & Versatility
  • Smooth, Energy Efficient, Virtually Noise Free, Digital Traction Control
  • Ergonomically-designed Operator’s Compartment
  • Heavy-duty High Performance Design
  • Integral Chassis Suspension & Low Center of Gravity Provide Both Excellent Anti-roll Handling Characteristics & Superb Stability


The Linde P60Z tow tractor is powered by a 3.2 kW separately excited drive motor that is mounted transversely on the drive axle. The tow tractor’s rear wheels receive power via a rugged drive axle and differential. A microprocessor-based, digital, high frequency control system works in conjunction with the drive motor to enable precise speed control and acceleration, ensuring safe operation and high productivity. Because of this highly efficient system, a high number of work cycles can be achieved between each battery charge. The manual steering on the P60Z tow tractor is light and responsive. Minimal steering effort is needs on the part of the operator to ensure high maneuverability and minimal operator fatigue.

The latest finite element stress analysis techniques were used when designing the chassis of the P60Z tow tractor to ensure maximum strength and stability. A lower, pressed steel section provides rugged strength and rigidity to protect all major components. The battery is located between the two axles for maximum stability. The top section of the tow tractor is made up of the hood and seat pan. These are robust, double-skinned, impact resistant, polyethylene moldings. Easy access for maintenance and battery changing can be accomplished by tilting back the seat pan of the P60Z. Excellent ride characteristics are assured by the integral full suspension of the chassis.

Three independent braking systems are included on the P60Z tow tractor. These include hydraulic drum brakes on all three wheels and a hand lever operated parking brake that mechanically connects to the rear wheels. The third braking system consists of electrical regenerative braking. This occurs when the accelerator pedal is released, when the opposite direction of travel is selected or when the accelerator is released on a grade. When electrical regenerative braking occurs, electrical energy is returned to the battery, minimizing wear on the service brakes.

As standard, two headlights, side and rear lights, brake lights and a seven-pin trailer lighting socket come equipped on this Linde tow tractor.

Operator Comfort

The operator compartment on the P60Z Tow Tractor is accessed by a low step, and includes a spacious, uncluttered floor plate covered with a textured, non-slip rubber mat. Safe, efficient and comfortable operation of this tow tractor is achieved thanks to the layout of the pedals, direction lever, steering wheel and controls. Operators know exactly what is going on with the P60Z at all times with the help of the combination instrument panel. This instrument panel tells operators when the parking brake is applied, shows when brake fluid is low and indicates travel direction. The panel also includes a driver alert, turn signal indicator, drive motor brush wear warning, and drive motor temperature warning, which is combined with progressive traction slow down. Maintenance intervals and battery charging schedules can be planned with the instrument panel’s battery discharge indicator and hour meter. This ensures the P60Z tow tractor is at its best at all times. Operators will enjoy the storage space provided for drinks and a clipboard. A document pouch is available on the fully adjustable PVC-covered operator seat.

Standard Equipment:

  • 48V circuit with 12V lighting via DC/DC Converter
  • 3 Wheel Configuration
  • Single Pedal Accelerator & Direction Lever
  • Fully Adjustable, PVC-covered Seat
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • 3.2 kW Drive Motor
  • Digital Microprocessor, High Frequency Controller
  • Multi-position, Rear Towing Coupling
  • Head, Side, Rear & Brake Lights
  • Standard Color Scheme of Vermilion & Charcoal Gray
  • 3 Independent Braking Systems
  • Emergency Circuit Isolator
  • Keyswitch
  • Fail-safe Circuitry
  • Traction Isolated by Seatswitch & Handbrake
  • Handbrake Delay Interlock Allows Gradient Start without Roll Back
  • Electric Horn
  • Electrical Overload Protection
  • Excellent Stability


  • Airports
  • Railways
  • Postal Services
  • Hospitals
  • Automotive  

Optional Equipment:

  • 24V power
  • Maximum Travel Speed Inhibitor
  • Full Cab with 2 Lift-off, Side Glass Doors & Rear Hatch, Front & Rear Screen Wipers, Front Screen Washer & Demister, Interior Light & Mirror & 2 Exterior Mirrors
  • Cab with Roll-up, Fabric sides & Lower Rear Panel Including Glass Front & Rear Screens, Front & Rear Wipers, Interior Light & Mirror & 2 Exterior Mirrors. Canopy with Front Screen, Wiper & Washer
  • Contoured Solid, Super-elastic Tires – Normal or Non-marking
  • Fabric-covered Seat with or without Heating
  • Seat Backrest Extension
  • Multi-position, Front Towing Coupling
  • Turn Signal Indicators, Hazard Warning, Reversing Light, License Plate Holder & Reflectors
  • Audible Warning on Reverse
  • Alternative Color Schemes
Specifications Linde P60Z (48V) Linde P60Z (24V)
Power Unit Battery Battery
Operation Seated Seated
Load Capacity 13,000 lbs 13,000 lbs
Drawbar Pull 270 lbs 270 lbs
Wheelbase 41" 41"
Service Weight 2,360 lbs 2,250 lbs
Axle Load without Load (Front/Rear) 1,036/1,323 lbs 926/1,323 lbs
Tires Pneumatic Penumatic
Tire Size - Front 4.00-8, 6 ply 4.00-8, 6 ply
Tire Size - Rear 4.00-8, 6 ply 4.00-8, 6 ply
Number of Wheels (Front/Rear) 1/2x 1/2x
Track Width (Rear) 33.9" 33.9"
Height of Overhead Guard 77.2" 77.2"
Height of Seat/Stand-on Platform 35.1" 35.1"
Towing Coupling Height a) 11.4" b) 13.6" c) 15.8" a) 11.4" b) 13.6" c) 15.8"
Platform Height without Load 24" 24"
Loading Platform Length 17.3" 17.3"
Rear Overhang 13.6" 13.6"
Loading Platform Width 32.7" 32.7"
Length 68.1" 68.1"
Width 39.2" 39.2"
Ground Clearance 4.5" 4.5"
Turning Radius 65" 65"
Minimum Pivoting Point Distance 23.6" 23.6"
Travel Speed with/without Load 4.4/11 MPH 4.4/11 MPH
Maximum Drawbar Pull 1,010 MPH 1,010 lbs
Service Brake Hydraulic/Electric Hydraulic/Electric
Drive Motor - 60-Minute Rating 4.3 HP 4.3 HP
Battery Voltage Rating Capacity (5h) 48/300 V/Ah 24/500 V/Ah
Battery Weight (+_5%) 1,190 lbs 980 lbs
Maximum Battery Tray Dimentions 32.68" x 16.3" x 24.69" 32.68" x 12.87" x 24.69"
Type of Drive Control Microprocessor/Transistor Microprocessor/Transistor
Mean Noise Level as Driver's Ear 66 dB A 66 dB A