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  • AC traction motor and control
  • 24 Volt electrical system
  • Proportional speed control & creep speed button
  • Multi-function display, including fault codes
  • Steel pallet entry and exit rollers
  • Steel caster wheel
  • Fully enclosed battery compartment


  • Precise operational control, high torque at low speed
  • Less waste energy
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Quick truck status indicator
  • Easy pallet entry and exit
  • Stable operation on ramps and dock boards
  • Battery and cable protection


  • Increased productivity, decreased load damage
  • Longer operation per battery charge
  • Save operation even in tight spaces
  • Increased productivity and operator awareness
  • Less damage, higher productivity
  • Stable movement on platforms and dock-boards
  • No cable snag or battery damage


  • Zero maintenance AC motors
  • 1000 hour periodic maintenance intervals
  • Can-Bus technology for easy data access
Model T20
Power Unit Battery
Operation Pedestrian
Load capacity (lb) 4400
Load center (in) 24
Axle center to fork face (in) 24.5/37.8
Wheelbase (in) 56.6/59.2
Service weight 9lb) 972
Axle load with load, front/rear (lb) 1782/3562
Axle load without load, front/rear (lb) 754/218
Tires (C=cushion, solid rubber, P=polyurethane) C+P
Tire size, drive wheels (in) 9.1x3.5
Tire size, load wheels (in) 3.1x4.1
Caster wheels (in) 4.9x1.6
No. of drive wheels (x=driven) 1x+2
Track width, caster wheels 9in) 19
Track width, load wheels (in) 15.6/20.3
Lift (in) 4.9
Height of tiller arm in operating position, min/max (in) 29.1/47.6
Fork height, lowered (in) 3.2
Overall length (in) 69.9
Length to fork face (in0 22.6
Overall width (in) 28.3
Fork dimensions (iN0 6.5x2.2x47.3
Fork spread, min/max (in) 22.0/26.8
Ground clearance, center of wheelbase (in) 1.3/6.3
Aisle width with 48" pallet 9in)Aisle  83.9
Turning radius (in) 62.4/65.2
Travel speed, with/without load (mph) 3.5/3.5
Max. climbing ability, with/without load (%) 10/24
Acceleration time, with/without load (sec) 7.6/6.4
Drive motor, 60 min. ratin (hp) 1.6
Lift motor rating at 15% 9hp) 1.6
Battery compartment size, LxWxH (in) 9.2x25.7x24.8
Battery voltage (V) 24
Battery weight (lb) 400
Type of drive control LAC
Noise leverl at operator's ear (dBA) <70