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Linde’s W20 Tractive is a four wheel electrical tow tractor that complies with EC directives. Available with either an 86-inch or 102-inch long platform, the W20 tow tractor was developed to suit a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications. The W20’s platform provides a comfortable loading height. With a variety of attachments available, the W20 tow tractor is highly adaptable to meet your specific application and load needs. It can carry up to 4400 lbs on its platform while towing a load of 9900 lbs when fitted with an optional towing attachment. The W20 tow tractor was also designed to provide excellent operator comfort to increase productivity and minimize fatigue.


  • Compact Design for Optimum Maneuverability
  • Ergonomically Designed Operator’s Compartment for Optimum Comfort, Safety & Efficiency
  • Energy-saving Electronic AC Control with Regenerative Braking for Smooth Operation & Increased Productivity
  • High Performance AC Drive Motor for Increased Work Throughput


The Linde W20 Tractive tow tractor is powered by a 5kW AC drive motor that is integrated with the drive axle. This transmits power to the rear wheels through reduction gearing. The W20 tow tractor’s front wheels include parabolic leaf spring suspension with hydraulic dampers while the rear axle is mounted via trailing links and coil springs as well as hydraulic dampers. This AC drive motor also provides energy-saving on-demand hydrostatic power steering, resulting in minimal steering effort on the part of the operator, as well excellent maneuverability and operational efficiency.

Three independent braking systems are included on the W20 tow tractor. First, there are the dual circuit hydraulic disc brakes with hydraulic booster for all four wheels. A hand lever operated the parking brake connects to the rear wheels. Finally, an advanced 80 volt, energy-saving, electronic AC control system incorporates regenerative braking when the accelerator pedal is progressively released. The AC control system also provides smooth acceleration for safe and precise maneuvering.

A high number of work cycles can be obtained from each battery charge due to the efficiency of this system of energy control. Integrated diagnostics, via a CAN bus connection, enable rapid servicing and maximum uptime.

An isolated DC/DC converter powers the 12 volt, full road light circuit on the W20 tow tractor.

This circuit outfits the tow tractor with two front, recessed dipping headlights with integral sidelights, separate direction rear lights and reflectors, brake stop lights, direction indicators, a reversing light and fog light.

The chassis of the W20 tow tractor is designed to achieve maximum strength and rigidity, protecting all components while at the same time making maintenance access easy. The battery can be removed by independent lift equipment thanks to a hinged door that provides sideway removal and replacement of the battery. Safe road holding under any operating condition is ensured by the W20’s low center of gravity.

Operator Comfort:

The W20 tow tractor is designed for operator comfort and safety from the moment the operator steps onboard, using a low step to access the operator compartment. The pedals, steering wheel, controls and full suspension operator’s seat are arranged for operational comfort and efficiency. Smooth control of the W20 tow tractor is achieved with the combination of the electronic ASC control, the single pedal accelerator and direction lever. The comprehensive integrated display provide operators with an hour meter, battery discharge indicator and lighting indicators as well as provides them with brake & hydraulic fluid levels, the motor temperature and speed.

Standard Equipment:

  • Four Wheel Configuration
  • 80V Circuit
  • Left or Right Hand Drive Steering Position
  • Tractor without Cab
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • Full Suspension PVC Driver’s Seat
  • Non-suspension PVC Passenger Seat
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • 5 kW Drive Motor
  • AC-controlled with Regenerative Braking
  • Trailer Lighting Socket
  • Dual Circuit Hydraulic Disc Brakes on All Four Wheels
  • Standard Color Scheme of Vermillion & Charcoal Gray
  • 3 Independent Braking Systems
  • Emergency Circuit Isolator
  • Keyswitch
  • Fail-to-safe Circuitry
  • Traction Isolated by Seatswitch/Handbrake
  • Comprehensive Warning Lights
  • Electric Horn
  • Full Road Lighting
  • Excellent All-around Visibility
  • Electrical Overload Protection

Batteries & Chargers:

  • 80V, 210 to 320 Ah to IEC
  • 72V, 210 to 320 Ah
  • A range of chargers is available to suit application and main supply requirements


  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Postal Services
  • Airports
  • Fruit & Vegetable Markets

Optional Equipment:

  • Cab with Front and Rear Screens, Wipers & Washers & 2 Exterior Mirrors:
    • without Sides,
    • with Flexible Roll up Sides or
    • Hinged Doors
  • Electric or Diesel Heater
  • High Torque (20 kW) Drive Motor
  • 72V Circuit
  • Rear Lights Mounted High at Rear of Cab
  • Flashing or Rotating Beacon on Cab
  • Reverse Warning Bleeper
  • Contoured Solid, Super-elastic Tires
  • Towing Couplings:
    • Automatic Single Position, Front/Rear
    • Automatic Single Position, Remote, Rear
    • Multi-position, Front/Rear
  • 9.5”  Rear Coupling Extension
  • Remote Inching Control
  • Aluminum Lift-out Side Panels
  • Hinged Aluminum Side Panels with or without Flexible Cover & Framework
  • Fabric Covered Seats
  • Heated Seats
  • Full Suspension Passenger Seat
  • Alternative Color Schemes
  • Other Options Available Upon Request
Specifications W 20 (2200) W 20 (2600)
Power Unit Battery Battery
Operation Seated Seated
Load Capacity 4,400 lbs 4,400 lbs
Rated Drawbr Pull with/without Load 112/202 lbs 112/202 lbs
Wheelbase 75" 75"
Service Weight 6,834 lbs 7,054 lbs
Axle Load with Load (Front/Rear) 5,070/6,172 lbs 4,629/6,834 lbs
Axle Load without Loaded (Front/Rear) 3,968/2,866 lbs 3,968/3,086 lbs
Tires Pneumatic Pneumatic
strong>Tire Size - Front 6.00 R9 6.00 R9
Tire Size - Rear 7.00 R12 7.00 R12
Number of Wheels (Front/Rear) 2/2x 2/2x
Track Width (Front) 42" 42"
Track Width (Back) 40" 40"
Height of Overhead Guard 72" 72"
Height of Seat/Stand-on Platform 29" 29"
Towing Coupling Height (Minimum - Maximum) 9"-16" 9"-16"
Platform Height Without Load 33" 33"
Loading Platform Length 87" 102"
Rear Overhang 28" 44"
Loading Platform Width 51" 51"
Length 138" 154"
Width 51" 51"
Ground Clearance, Center of Wheelbase 6" 6"
Turning Radius 129" 129"
Minimum Pivoting Point Distance 43" 43"
Travel Speed with/without Rated Drawbar Pull 9/12 MPH 9/12 MPH
Maximum Drawbar Pull with/without Load 696/786 lbs 686/786 lbs
Service Brake Hydraulic/Electric Hydraulc/electric
Drive Motor, 60-minute Rating 5 kW 5 kW
Battery According to IEC 254-2 254-2
Battery Voltage/Rated Capacity 80/240 V/Ah 80/240 V/Ah
Battery Weight 1,496 lbs 1,496 lbs
Type of Drive Control AC Microprocessor AC Microprocessor